Knitted Paw Print Cloth
3/05 by Rhonda K. White

Materials used: 100% cotton yarn, size 7 needles, and yarn needle for weaving in ends

Cast on 36 stitches

1-4:  Knit across
5:  k3, p30, k3
6: (and all remaining even numbered rows) knit across
7-8: repeat 5 & 6
9:  k3, p13, k4, p13, k3
11: k3, p11, k8, p11, k3
13: k3, p9, k12, p9, k3
15: k3, p9, k12, p9, k3
17, 19, 21 & 23:  k3, p8, k14, p8, k3
25: k3, p9, k12, p9, k3
27: k3, p10, k10, p10, k3
29: k3, p5, k3, p3, k8, p3, k3, p5, k3
31: k3, p4, k5, p3, k6, p3, k5, p4, k3
33: k3, p3, k6, p4, k4, p4, k6, p3, k3
35: k3, p3, k5, p14, k5, p3, k3
37: k3, p3, k4, p3, k3, p4, k3, p3, k4, p3, k3
39: k3, p4, k2, p3, k5, p2, k5, p3, k2, p4, k3
41 & 43: k3, p9, k5, p2, k5, p9, k3
45: k3, p9, k4, p4, k4, p9, k3
47: k3, p10, k2, p6, k2, p10, k3
49-54: repeat rows 5 & 6
55-57: Knit across
Bind off
Why a paw print cloth? Why, for a friend who works at the University of Kentucky of course!  This is not a copyrighted emblem...this comes straight from my brain (and a few sneak peeks at my dog's paw!)
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