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Welcome to our uk.rec.scuba (known as UKRS) web pages. We are a group of UK based divers interested in anything and everything to do with recreational scuba diving in the UK and other places visited by UK divers. Have look around our site, find out all about us, then come and join us on the newsgroup - all UK divers (and others) are welcome.

All about the newsgroup behind this web site.
The Frequently Asked Questions list, look here before asking a question on the group.
Our section dedicated to learning and improving diving skills.
UK Diver
Some information about topics that frequently crop up on UKRS.
Dive Programme
Join in! Some information about diving trips we've organised for ourselves. Corrections to Alasdair Allan.
Trip Reports
UK and World-wide Trip Reports as written by group participants.
Who's Who?
Hosted by Jason Poynting the UKRS Who's Who database is a non-canonical list of the people on the uk.rec.scuba group.
Links Pages
Over 700 UK related dive links - clubs, schools, personal pages and a whole lot more. Maintained by Nigel Hewitt.

3rd December 2003
UKRS Dive List now automatically generated using Jason's boatspaces database.

14th March 2003
Introducing the UKRS Who's Who Database hosted by Jason..

5th March 2003
Major site overhaul. Comments and contributions to the uk.rec.scuba webmasters.

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