Indexing in FrameMaker — Challenges and Opportunities

Indexing in FrameMaker can feel frustrating and time-consuming — especially when under the pressure of a deadline.


Indexing in FrameMaker presents new challenges to the technical communicator:
  • coding of complex FrameMaker index entries
  • editing the embedded index entries
  • formatting the index to improve readability
  • managing document files during the indexing process 


Despite the difficulties of indexing in FrameMaker, you can achieve real benefits too:
  • ability to get started indexing before the final proofreading and formatting are completed
  • hypertext linking of the index entries
  • ability to revise the FrameMaker document later while being able to "recycle" most of the indexing work
Where you need the flexibility or the hypertext linking, indexing in FrameMaker can lead to happier users who, in the end, can better find the information they’re looking for.

Fred Brown
Allegro Technical Indexing
(613) 728-9373

June, 2000
Allegro Time!

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