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Dealing with Altzheimer's Disease
What was the origin of evil?
Hank Hanegraaff Interviews William A. Dembski
Can Christians go to Hell for doubting?
Is Amillennialism Heretical?
Does Luke 17:6 Confirm Positive Confession?
Jesus: The Superstar of Biblical Prophecy
400 Years of the King James Bible
What is Jesus' Second Advent?
Does Faith Heal?
Is Mormonism Christian? Elliot Miller responds.
How do we respond to "Lost Gospels?"
Hank's Interview with Joe Dallas , Pt. 2
Who Hardened Pharoah's Heart?
Hank and Elliot Discuss Gossip
Hank Hanegraaff and Elliot Miller discuss Facebook
Where do we go when we die?
How do we reconcile the Old and New Testaments?
Two young callers for the Bible Answer Man
Could Jesus Sin?
Do We Need Pastors?
If you aren't healed, do you lack faith?
What happens to Christians who commit suicide?
Does repetitive sin mean we aren't saved?
How does Satan tempt us?
What does Malachi 3:15-16 teach?
Should we dialog with those we disagree with?
What does Hebrews 1:5 teach?
Should we only take Communion on Sunday?
The Heart of Christmas
Bible Answer Man- Will Christ's Return be Physical
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Jul 13, 2009
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2 weeks ago
A Collection of videos from the Christian Research Institute and Hank Hanegraaff.
Charlotte, NC
United States
Discernment Ministry
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CRInstitute uploaded a new video (2 weeks ago)
Hank Hanegraaff answers young Zachary's question as to why Jesus came do...   more
CRInstitute uploaded a new video (2 weeks ago)
Hank Hanegraaff answers a caller's question about what happens to those ...   more
CRInstitute uploaded a new video (2 weeks ago)
Hank answers a caller who asks "What happens to children who die? ...   more
CRInstitute uploaded a new video (2 weeks ago)
Hank Hanegraaff discusses with a caller how to deal with Altzheimer's Di...   more
CRInstitute uploaded a new video (1 month ago)
In this video, Hank Hanegraaff explains to a caller the origins of evil.
Channel Comments (142)
Bagelproductions212 (2 weeks ago)
Thank you, For your heart to speak God message of hope, truth and love and help other believers in the questions many struggle with. The thing I love most is you always bring it back to Christ, that's w
WVCYakima (3 weeks ago)
Brother Hank~May God Bless you & CRI in a "new " & powerful way!!
Philemon 1:4-7
ThePsalm40 (1 month ago)
OH! And I see someone commenting about RPaul..I hope you see Him for the insider He good snake in the grass!
ThePsalm40 (1 month ago)
Hi ( =
So glad to finally find you sir! Been looking for your channel for a while, I saw one of your recent videos on another channel with all your info taken off but still managed to decipher thru and get to your fine channel...God bless you real good, rebecca
666Infantryman (1 month ago)
Religious dogmatism, along with superstitious and magical thinking is delusional,thinking, plain and simple.People first believe in the supernatural and then they attempt to justify those beliefs with evidence when there is none to be found.
Dancing4Christ91 (1 month ago)
Amen Go Johni!
Dancing4Christ91 (1 month ago)
Amen thanks so much God Bless
youneekk (2 months ago)
Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to see...
McIntyreBible (3 months ago)
Thank you Brother for exposing such false prophets & heretical teachers like Harold Camping!
elgriego331 (3 months ago)
I Thank God for you Hank for all the years you have taught and encouraged me when I rededicated my life to our Lord 18 years ago. Your show helped mature as a child of God and I pray that you and the brethren at CRI remain strong in the Lord for years to come. God bless!
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