kBANG: GameBoy Drum Machine [out]


GameBoy Drum Machine Software Interface

Instead of making noises in sequence it controls solenoids
Users can: program the drum pattern with interface and place solenoids on different surfaces to create different noises.

ver 01 below was created using GBBasic, it was pretty rubbish but the drum grid looked really nice and minimal.
ver 02 was created using GBDK which is a set of tools including a C / lcc compiler. sooo much better.

This software can be extended an is offered below.
There are no kits I'm afraid as much as i would like to make it a commercial product.

The sounds are pretty cool, lots of tinkling and clanking and as ver 02 has channel mutes you can jam with it.
I will upload some audio sample soon, as its quite important to hear it.

Version 2 [08]


new features include:

  • 8 channels [representing 8 solenoids]
  • Mute on/off on each channel
  • Speed up / Speed down
  • Up to 2 bar [32 step] max loop
  • Increase / decrease Loop size
  • Scroll view left / right
  • Little indicators showing note on / off
  • On screen instructions
  • Fast loading [gbdk(c)]

rom of ver 02 - [ kbangver02 ]

source for GBDK here, can b e easily modified for midi and noises and stuff - [ kbang02_source ]


[images from the old lemonade factory]

here are some images of an installation i did at the old lemonade factory in falmouth [my once a month exhibition space]
there were two gameboys running kbang ver 02 [one running ver 02.2 and one running 02.1] with a small table full of good sounding random objects
the event was only for an hour, people came and played and made noises and others watched, and very often joined helped
it became both a performative and collaborative piece of interactive work, at one point there was a bit of a rave off between the two players

the two tables in the space

gb 1

gb 1's power controller


gb 2's power controller

[audio recordings]

these are a few recordings taken on olly's zoom h4 a superior digital stereo field recorder
these are mp3's i slappily converted, i do have the wavs and they are really crisp

very happy with these, part 3 is the best

Preview - [goodbits]

part 1 - mafphew starts with a intense set, swears, resets the gameboy and builds it up again [good to hear the progression]

part 2 - 1 solenoid out of 16 breaks half way through, not a bad loss really, not much else goes on, poeple playing away and learing the interface

part 3 - This is the one;, sarah, olly, mike, mark and magda feature, really good gabba set at 2:30 and really funky break at 7:00, hilarous end at 11:00 - 'come on'

part 4 - the end mostly us talking about going to the pub, pretty boring

[photos by steve bond]

Version 1 [07]

this is the first attempt at the idea, it was pretty rubbish but worked
as i was new to programming and old basic is not very good, it had some bad affects like; slowing the pattern down when you moved the cursor.
i really liked the drum grid though !

rom of ver 01 - [ kbangver01 ]


this is the GBBasic code i wrote, there is not much you can do with GBB but its quite fun.
GBBasic run directly on the gameboy so you can write programs on the go! [not that you ever would]

you can use another program to wrap a text file with your basic code into the GBBasic rom and auto run it when the rom starts
i got that app from here it called mergenuc



these are a few videos from Enter in Bristol 2007 where kbang ver 01 was shown
it was received very well and as there was other electronic sound in the room it became very ambient

NOTE : 50 millions respects to Gondos Csaba for helping me with the project - ruuuude bouy



That's pretty cool.
Where can we get those solenoids ?

I'm interested in just the

I'm interested in just the cartridge. Will the cartridge be available by it self without the solenoids?
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excellent stuff

where can i get one ?


kits will be available soon, just finishing the solenoid housings.

I'm interested in just the

I'm interested in just the cartridge. Will the cartridge be available by it self without the solenoids?

link back on engadget.com

link back on hackaday.com

link back on 8bitcollective.com