A (Not So) Complete History of Naked ‘Survivor’ Castaways

Though “Survivor” wasn’t the first reality show, its success on prime-time network TV ushered in a new era of television where unscripted programming emerged as a viable alternative to the traditional scripted model. Combining a classic TV theme (castaways on an island) with a dramatic game show element and massive prize ($1 million), “Survivor” became an instant classic — and its creator, Mark Burnett, became one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood.

As it approaches its 10th anniversary, the show is still going strong. And how better to look back on its history than how it began — in the nude. Richard Hatch, pictured above, was both the villain and victor of the show’s first season, partially because his calculated strategy included spending much of the show completely naked. Though few future contestants would be quite so bold, Hatch and his manhood ensured subsequent “Survivor” casts would have plenty of blurred naughty bits, both on and off the show, both intentionally and not. Here’s a look at all the “Survivor” nudity we could uncover.

Click the pixelated pics below for the uncensored versions.

We’ll start things off with Jeff Probst’s immunity idol. Though the “Survivor” host has never confirmed whether the shots are real, he’s also never denied them. Presumably he’s just pleased that real or not, he’s got a big wiener in them.

Jerri Manthey, a three-time “Survivor” castaway has become a reality TV staple in the years since her first appearance, no doubt helped by her 2001 appearance between the staples of Playboy magazine.

The tribe has spoken: Sarah Jones from “Survivor: Marquesas” is hot.

Bravo to Ryan Opray’s pecker from “Survivor: Pearl Islands,” which managed to push its way past both his underwear and the CBS standards and practices department.

Jessica Kiper, best known to “Survivor: Gabon” viewers as Sugar, shows us some sugar of her own from the film “Sex and Death 101.”

Perhaps the “Survivor: Cook Islands” season should have been called “Cock Islands” since two of its cast members, Ozzy Lusth (left) and Jonathan Penner, have exposed theirs on film.

Ashley Massaro was a WWE diva as well as a contestant on “Survivor: China.” That kanji tattoo on her backside translates to “Trust No One.” But apparently show everyone.

Marcus Lehman turns the premiere of “Survivor: Gabon” into a wee-miere, after his wang hangs ten (two?) during a challenge.

Jenna Lewis from “Survivor: Borneo” claimed the leak of her wedding night sex tape caused her incredible embarrassment (along with 70% of the profits apparently). However Jenna should be more embarrassed by her appearance in the D-grade horror movie “The Scorned,” which starred a score of reality TV alums and was produced by “Survivor: Amazon” castaway Rob Cesternino.

The closest Amber Brkich from “Survivor: The Australian Outback” has gotten to showing her stuff was in the magazine of the same name.

Two words we love to type: Naked lesbian (that’s Ami Cusack from “Survivor: Vanuatu” by the way).

Jenna Morasca (top) won “Survivor: The Amazon,” taking home the $1 million top prize in 2003. As far as we’re concerned, however, her top prize will always be her bottom, which she showed off in the Playboy spread she did with fellow contestant Heidi Stroebel.

Rita Verreos from “Survivor: Fiji,” whose brother Nick appeared on “Project Runway,” showed her goods in the 1990 Steval Seagal flick, “Marked for Death.”

Michelle Chase definitely ain’t chaste. Here we see some pics of the “Survivor: Gabon” castaway sans buff.

Maybe if Candace Smith had acted more like she did in the 2006 comedy “Beerfest,” she wouldn’t have been voted off of “Survivor: Tocantins” so quickly.

Here we see two of the reasons Courtney Yates made it all the way to the finals of “Survivor: China.”

Before winning $1 million on “Survivor: Thailand,” Brian Heidik played hide-the-dick during a short-lived soft-core career.

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    What’s the point of naked pics with the censor blurs on them?

  3. Torched says:

    I think you made this post a little early. Christa Hastie, Osten Taylor, and Andrew Savage (all from the same season) now have nude pics on the internet.

  4. egg says:

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  6. Zxan Omyda says:

    I swore on Survivors Heros vs Villians, 3/24/10. When the two guys were racing on the beach and they showed the guy in the water (colby), at one point he is swimming on his back and you see a erect dick stick out the water then go back down. Its kinda funny they didnt catch that and edit it out.

  7. racy_rick says:

    I am surprised that most of these are either short lived pornography careers or playboy half-naked shots. You’d think with thousands of hours of footage there’d be more stuff from the shows.

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