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Closures: The US Consumer View
This report, the first major independent study in the US, explores consumer attitudes to closures and was conducted by Wine Intelligence, a consultancy specialising in marketing and market studies and serving the world's leading wine companies. Published in June 2004, the study sample comprised 1171 online responses from the different US states. Comparing the results with similar study, also conducted by Wine Intelligence, for the British market, the following conclusions can be reached:

  • American consumers believe that wine bottles should be sealed with natural cork closures. However, they are more open to the possibility of using alternative closures than British consumers.
  • Like British consumers, 2/3 of the American respondents also feel positive about buying wine with a cork (only 1% did not like cork stoppers).
  • Nearly 52% of consumers rejected screw-caps and only 11% were positive about buying wine with these stoppers. In the British study, six in every ten consumers rejected screw-caps and only 7% liked these stoppers.


For further details, see www.wineintelligence.com