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In the beginning this website was created as a goal to educate children, young adults, parents, teachers within my community gain knowledge through the power of words.

It was Friday, November 30, 2007 the day I lost my son to alcohol
addiction his unfortunate inherited disease along with one dirty jacket full of pure heroin; (he did not know) despite his ongoing efforts to get well.  Jonathan Daniel McEachern was taken from us, a child gone too soon!
My son's journey ended, mine just begun.
My name is Vonna Contino Maslanka; I am married, and have 3 children. I am Jonathan's mother. I am also Self Representing Jewelry Artist working out of my home; learning to heal through my art. Writing with my written words through blogging on the internet, helping within my community as I can, or reaching out to you.  My hope is that we all will make a difference taking small steps together.

Knowledge is Power
this disease of alcoholism and drug addiction sees no color, no gender, no age, no income bracket, and it brings it's death to those we love.

Harsh words, and a story that should be told.
It is a simple matter perhaps, and it is in our back yard.
We were not taught to grieve as we grieve.
I will not tell you how to grieve.
Nor will I tell you to be thankful your child lived as long as they did. I will not tell you that your feelings are not real.
I will tell you it just takes time to grieve, sometimes it takes a long time, you are not alone.
Inspiration can come from the tiniest morsel of human affection. I guess this leaves me with one crucial quest; can you conquer your dreams?
Jon McEachern, July 5th 2005

As I follow my new journey moving forward, I dedicate this website not only to my son, but to a woman who has worked hard, and struggled to achieve a goal, a goal - my dream has been answered, please visit and help as much as you can! I thank you.

Margaret Anns Place
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