Johnny D. Symon
October 17, 2008
National first aid
By Johnny D. Symon

Crisis on the world's financial markets is something we've repeatedly been reminded of over the past few weeks, and whether it's a genuine crisis or not is for me a subject of debate. A barrel of crude dropped below $70 yesterday, that's a problem for OPEC and low-life, eco-illogically minded politicos, they see it as part of their crisis, whereas I see it as a return to normality. There's no reason why a gallon of gas should not return to just over a dollar, other than through greed, speculation, atheism, and false ideology.

President G W Bush began to nationalize industry because a socialist system in crisis automatically requires socialist knee-and-political-jerk solutions. I've been out and about in the world of late and have grown tired of hearing the old adage that the crisis is all due to capitalism gone wrong, for you see the stark truth is that authentic capitalism passed away many years ago and it's look-alike substitute filled it's place, yet no one noticed the difference. For true capitalism must be independent of government.

The great Ronald Reagan once said, "The best minds are not in politics, for if they were industry would hire them away," and when he said "industry," he meant people and companies involved in some form, or forms, of commercial enterprise, but he did not include politicians and politics when he used the term industry, for politicians produce nothing of value, whereas industry produces everything.

Working people generate wealth, then politicians steal it and throw it away.

Until recently the Russian Conflict Federation received mountains of American workers', taxpayers' cash. I said until recently, because it was finally stopped, not by President G W Bush himself, but by Vladimir Putin. Old Poot did not want the Russian people to get the wrong impression about America, that was his reasoning. And in spite of all the unreasoning hatred spilling out from the lips of Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, of Venezuela and Bolivia, where Hugo Chavez again very recently called Americans "Yanqui mierda!" (Yankee sh*t), both sickos in their respective sick states, are still receiving American aid.

A week after G W Bush underwrote AIG using a mountain of taxpayers' loot, it's Chief Exec's flew out to California and spent more than 400,000 bucks celebrating, and no doubt toasting, not only their success but I reckon they held their glasses up in tribute to the gross stupidity of non-industrious, non-commercial, wealth-wasting, low-life, globalist minded politicos.

And the waste goes on and on. For you see, the only crisis affecting the world markets is the crisis of governments and political interference in an industry that politicians should be permitted no part, or play in. Globalism and the Uniting of Nations, World Aid and Foreign Aid, and the Eco-illogical lie, are not of benefit to mankind, they're an evil sickness.

America's road to recovery logically requires a complete end to the giving of Foreign aid. National First Aid should take its rightful place, a place that our very own Bible recommends. And with strong reference to our presumed world financial crisis, where politicians blame entities, mechanisms and institutions, why don't we forget about this and home in on physical people. Let's determine the names and the nature of the chief culprits, try them, then throw them behind bars for many a long year. I'm tired of political smoke screens.

But you know something? I've had recent discussions with people of other Western nations who brought up the same strong point, and here it is; If Western governments can pull trillions of dollars out of the hat to save or buy out banks and financial institutions, why can't they guarantee our pensions for the future?

I watched Wednesday night's little discussion involving Barack Obama and John McCain, and for me it was clear that John McCain understood far more than Obama where a politician's priorities should be focused. The troubles besetting a common plumber and his business must be addressed, whereas those problems besetting Bolivia and Venezuela are of no importance, for they are self-made. And since Russia is riding on the crest of a wave, furnished by crude oil and gas, I reckon Medvedev should do the right thing, tally up the extent of American aid to his country over the years, then hand it all back, otherwise we must come to the correct conclusion about Russia, and I reckon it's about time we did.

For me this crisis could be solved by simply ignoring the world and it's perceived problems, then to limit government in the most extreme manner. Why should personal taxation be compulsory? Why shouldn't each individual be provided with an opt out clause, and through doing so forgo their share in the welfare system? Why should business by compulsorily milked, and be forced to become international through that process? Shouldn't there be a return to honor and respect for one's own people, business, and products? Let us all permit Bill Gates and Al Gore, etc., to feed the world with their own wealth, though not with ours. Let's put politicians back where they belong; as servants to the State and its people, and not kings, queens, or worst of all, gods!

I took careful note a few days back of Obama's rejection of tax cuts. That was enough for me to take note of. But there is something else that happened a few weeks back, when Obama took unction at McCain's statement that he would not meet with Zapatero if he became President. Obama claimed that McCain did not understand Spain's place in the political scheme of things, but here's the crunch;

I happen to be a supreme expert on Spain, it's politics, and it's history, and I therefore reject Obama's philosophy, in favor of John McCain's. For you see, Zapatero not only failed to stand for the US Flag on Día de la Hispanidad, October 12, 2003, which I deem unforgivable, he then entered office through the work of Islamic terrorists and their little helpers, on March 11, 2004. (One of them, incidentally, happened to be an agent for the Moroccan Secret Service.) Then he and his motley crew of political Left wing brigands spent most of their following 4 years destroying their nation from the inside through replacing Biblical morals and doctrines with Communist ones, while also unceasingly blaming America for all of Spain's ills.

Last March, and again 3 days before the general election, the terrorist group ETA killed one of Zappo's ex-councilors. They'd learned a valuable lesson from March 11, 2004, and chose to kill a Socialist and not a Conservative, which would have proven to have the opposite effect on polling day. Zappo, incidentally, is about to bestow 24 million euros of Spanish taxpayers' money on Cuba. Zappo is a great friend and admirer of Infidel Castrato, which should come as no surprise since Zapatonto himself was once a card carrying member of the Spanish Communist Party. He left to join the PSOE back in the 80's because he believed that the Communist Party had little chance of getting voted into government.

Yes indeed, Zapatero remains a Communist in Socialist clothing, and Obama's willingness to invite him into the White House is a sure sign that he should be roundly rejected by all right-minded Americans, who care about their country, it's history, and it's future.

Being out and about of late, as I mentioned earlier, found me in front of several folks who mocked a certain elderly lady who told John McCain that she didn't trust Obama because he was "an Arab!", but I told 'em that I reckoned the lady was misheard. I believe she said Obama was "a carob!" Maybe I'm wrong, but if that's what she said, it was most profound, for carobs are used to make fake chocolate. It lacks taste, and in my case leaves a bad taste afterwards too, then it turns my stomach. I for one prefer the authentic article of something, and I hate substitutes.

But as for John McCain, he's for me the spittin' of, and the political substitute for our very own Barney Rubble, and I've always loved Barney. He was a kind hearted soul, and able to stand on his own two feet, a good family man, and strong in moral fiber, which is more than can be said for his old buddy Fred. Fred meant well, but sometimes his ideas and his actions could go horribly wrong. I watched The Flintstones some when I was younger, and although I saw old Fred screw up the lives of people around him on a number of occasions, I can never recall an instance where Barney stated, "I am not Fred Flintstone!" though I reckon he harbored that thought in his head, as well he should have.

Maybe John McCain can learn something from this and begin to say, "I am not Zapatero, Chavez, Morales, Medvedev, Castro, or Dick Dastardly. I'm someone who spent heaps of time alone, a time of hell, and spent it ironing out the meaning of life and of God Himself. I learned to value that which is provided us, and those who spend their lives providing it, and therefore honor and respect their God-given right to freedom and ownership of property."

I know those qualities to be deeply embedded in John McCain's inner spirit, and for me therefore, he's the archetype of our honorable and trustworthy little traditionalist, the great Barney Rubble. In fact, if you take a careful look at him you'll see a strong family resemblance. If you vote for Rubble, then Rubble can become houses and factories, but if you vote for ash, that's all you'll ever get, ashes to ashes and dust to dust, and an endless round of endless taxes.

© Johnny D. Symon

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