Senate Hearings Include Discussion of VNR Archive

The Senate Commerce Committee hearing on S. 967 and pre-packaged news makes for interesting viewing. If you fast forward to 1:12:50, there is a discussion led by Senator Kerry with Commissioner Adelstein of the FCC about the possibility of creating a VNR archive — they seem to like the idea.

Senator Kerry: Last question is could the FCC, LC or the National Archives, any one of them, take on the creation and maintenance of a publicly accessible, central archive of all government funded VNRs?

Jonathan S. Adelstein, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission: That would be a simple thing for Congress to set up.

Senator Kerry: Mr. Schick?

Austin Schlick, Acting General Counsel, Federal Communications Commission: I imagine it would be possible.

Senator Kerry: Do you think it’s useful, if the government is funding all of these things, isn’t important to have some sort of central repository so that people can have accountability for them?

Commissioner Adelstein: If you make them available online that would make it very easy for people to access and know where they come from, and that would be another form of disclosure could complement the kind of disclosure required by S. 967.

Senator Kerry: Do you want to comment or not, Mr Schick?

Austin Schick: No, I would agree with Commissioner Adelstein.

Later, Douglas Simon, President & CEO, D S Simon Productions Inc., a New York-based company that makes VNRs, testified in favor of a “Transparency in Government use of PR Video Act,” which would require that “all government video disseminated to news stations whether they include pre-packaged news stories or not be posted on a government web site where the public could access it.”

So the idea seems to be gathering steam. Cool.

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