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From the Expanded Universe

Horaxes are enormous reptilian creatures native to the world of Nelvaan. A fully grown horax stands over 15 meters tall at the shoulder. They are solidly built quadrupeds with thick, knobby skin. The carnivorous reptile has a mouth filled with sharp teeth, but none are more impressive than the four enormous saber-like fangs that protrude from the monster's maw. A horax has a set of shovel-like horns at the end of its snout, which it uses to uproot entire trees and split open siltcrawler burrows to eat entire hibernating colonies whole. Horax tails are long, heavy, lined with sharp spurs and end in a club of dense bone.

Thankfully for the denizens of Nelvaan, horaxes are rare -- a dying breed not faring well with the climatic changes the planet is undergoing. Due to their huge size and territorial nature, only one horax is ever encountered within a large area of the planet, and its size makes it easy to detect upon approach.

The native Nelvaanians of Rokrul village have discovered that a horax is repelled by the sent given off by a special elixir made from the tail scales of the creature. One scale can produce enough of the pungent mixture to paint a perimeter around their village that lasts an entire Nelvaanian year. This protective ring has become an important element in the tribal culture of the Nelvaanians. Each year, young Nelvaanian males are sent to find a sleeping horax and return with a tail scale. Doing such is a rite of passage, granting that Nelvaanian into the upper ranks of the village's warrior scouts.

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