Enhanced management capacity for Buccoo Reef Marine Park (BRMP) in Tobago

 Action  Activity  Outputs and Products
 1.1 Review BRMP Management Committee work plan in support of the BRMP Management Plan

Baseline awareness and perceptions assessment of 185 BRMP users conducted

BRMP Brochure developed and 10,000 copies printed and distributed

Assessment of how Reef Tour Operators (RTO) function conducted

Draft proposal for RTO certification training developed Economic valuation study of BRMP completed


Community workshops

Two training workshops conducted in which 40 BRMP stakeholders were trained to use economic valuation toolkits

 1.3 MPA boundary marking and signage schemes

BRMP Navigation channel demarcated 20 stakeholders trained in installation and maintenance of demarcation buoys

MPA signs designed

 1.4 Resource mapping and generation of ecological GIS maps for Speyside Marine Park (SMP) and extended for BRMP

Assessment of BRMP reef health completed

Habitat mapping of Speyside Marine Area (SMP) completed

Maps showing status of reef health at Speyside Marine Area produced

 1.5 Community based monitoring

15 persons qualified to train and conduct Reef Check surveys

1 permanent reef check site created and 4 sites surveyed

Key Products and Outputs

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