Schwarzenegger "California Best State." Facts Don't Support Claim

Governor Schwarzenegger put the Best and Worst States debate in the news during a July 3 San Francisco news conference.  See Sacramento

California regularly shows up as one of the Worst States in the union based on many important indicators.  Yet the Governor recently attempted to make a case for California being the best! He did not make a very persuasive case.  He claimed a diversified economy should be the benchmark to judge a best state. 

Gov. Schwarzenegger said, "We are the best place simply because of we are a diversified economy," 

 "What state has entertainment, music, agriculture, biotechnology, nanotechnology, green technology, high technology?"

We strongly disagreeCalifornia regularly ranks as one of the Worst States

Here are just a few of the facts and measurements:

    California has the Worst Credit rating of all 50 states in the country.  It has no money and is currently issuing iou's.

    California is rated 47th, a Worst State for Entrepreneurship and Small Businees, according to the Small Business and     Entrepreneurship Council.  CEO's have ranked it the Worst State for 5 years in a row according to Chief Executive Magazine.

    It is rated 49th, for  Best and Worst States for Individual Income Taxes according to the Tax Foundation.

    California has the 2nd highest marginal income tax rate in the nation at 10.3%.  Only Hawaii is higher.
    According to Missouri  California is the 2nd highest cost of living state in the country, behind only Hawaii.

    California has the highest gas tax in the nation. See Best and Worst States for Gasoline Taxes.

    California has the most unemployed people in the nation and has the 5th highest unemployment rate in the nation with 11.5% of     its population unemployed.

    California has the most job red tape and licensing requirements of any state in the nation according with a nation     leading 177 job license requirements.

    California has the 3rd most political convictions in the nation according to the Report to Congress on the Activities and Operations of     the Public Integrity Section.

Governor how can you say California is the best?

“Look at other states. … Texas? Oil. Florida? Old people. Whatever,” he said. “We have a whole bunch of things.”

Taking shots at Texas and Florida was also uncalled for and does not make the case for California.  These states rank far better than California regularly and are considered as top states for growing business. Both states' populations enjoy zero personal income taxes.  Gov. Schwarzenegger should focus on California and not bash other states that are in far better position than his.

“California is doing very well,” he said. “We just have to get out of this crisis.”

We are all for Governors being salespeople for their states.  In this case Gov. Schwarzenegger telling the world that California is the best is just not believable.  The facts suggest otherwise.  Look in other states if you are thinking of relocating.


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