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Beginning in October/November of 96 I finally started something I'd been thinking about doing for years: looking back in history to find out who my ancestors were and to find out who my 2nd and 3rd cousins and great aunts and uncles are.

I knew my father's father had come from Edinburgh, Scotland but I had no idea when he came to the US, who he came with, how big his (my!) family was or why he decided to come. I came to find out that the Santa Monica, CA. Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints (LDS) Family History Center (FHC) has a tremendous amount of information. With the help of a very generous volunteer I started "learning the ropes" of the library and Scottish record keeping in particular.

Since the name WILLS doesn't seem to be that common in Scotland, I've started collecting everything I come across with the name WILLS. Since I know they don't all belong to me, I figure there must be some other WILLS' who might be interested in what I've come across.

The files below contain all the OPR and Civil Birth, Marriage, and Death index records for the surname WILLS throughout Scotland that I have been able to find. The details of all of the OPR and Civil registry entries filmed by the LDS have already been added to these files. The remaining Civil registry entries are being transcribed as I have the money and time. I am focusing on death registries first as they usually contain the most information.

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Wills Births
in Scotland
1667 - 1949
Wills Marriages
in Scotland
1716 - 1949
Wills Deaths
in Scotland
1855 - 1949
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May 20, 2006
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