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Millions of people come to this country because America is addicted to cheap labor.

Many people would argue that the reason so many illegal immigrants come to this country is because they are poor to begin with and that our system is flawed not letting the poor people in. I think the real reason for the illegal immigration problem is a simple Economics 101 topic — Supply and Demand.…
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  • 326 - Patriot

    Dec 18, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Illegal immigrants are just that... ILLEGAL. If they were good people, they would have entered our country legally through the proper channels. Illegal immigrants are no different than any other criminal. They are scum just like cockroaches. They are flooding our country with drugs, stealing, raping, and murdering. I'm not against anyone wanting to come live in America but if they can't do so in a legal manner, I don't want them here. We need to beef up security at the border and start shooting every illegal immigrant that takes a step into our country. We can go half way around the world to help a third-world country fight off invaders while we let anyone that wants in walk across our border. Would-be illegal immigrants would think twice about trespassing in our country if doing so brought the risk of catching a bullet in the head upon their first step across the border. As someone posted earlier, the government doesn't have to do anything. Sooner or later, the American citizens are going to take matters into their own hands and start defending our borders whether the government will or not. We are getting sick of these scumbags sneaking in and using up the benefits in place for law-abiding U.S. citizens. Benefits paid for by tax paying Americans. Stay in your own country and stop turning ours into a cesspool. If you don't have enough repect for our laws to come here legally, we don't want you here. You are not welcome here. We are not interested in giving you all the benefits of being a U.S. citizen when you don't pay the taxes that make those benefits available. Paying sales tax doesn't qualify you for such benefits either, We pay social security taxes and income tax. You illegals don't so don't pretend you do anything to help our country. Illegal immigrants only cost us more money, so your presence here only costs U.S. citizens more tax dollars. Every illegal should be shipped home to where they came from and should be shot on site when caught sneaking in.

  • 327 - Cindy

    Dec 18, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Spoken like a true patriot. What an insane point of view you have.

    If you want to resolve things by shooting people, I have a better plan. It will save bullets and you won't have to worry about anyone being 'illegal' any more.

  • 328 - Jose

    Jan 21, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    I think that wat u sais was pure BS!! i dont agree at all with wat u said,whether mexicans come here illegally or not it doesnt matter because they come her for work that half the americans are to lazy to do!! so thank a mexican when u see one or u wouldn't have the vegetables u have at ur table today.

  • 329 - Autumn

    Feb 04, 2011 at 4:02 am

    What really needs to happen :
    1. beef up border security
    2. strictly enforce deportation
    3. send our troops to Mexico

    Mexico is too close to home to ignore, they shouldn't have to cross illegally, if things are really that bad there, why in the hell are we not doing something about it? Fair Tax Act would eliminate all Federal Tax on wages, compensating with a national sales tax, and would rid us of the IRS, but the best part of all would be that it would become inescapable for all US & NON-US citizens to pay the taxes our country is desperate for. I do feel empathetic of poor Mexican families that leave their country out of desperation to ours. It's just insane that most overlook the root of the problem altogether. Mexico's problems are our problems and we need to restore Mexico to social order until the citizens no longer have desire to flee their home country.

  • 330 - Been there

    Feb 08, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    LA Girl, I respect you for trying to defend your parent, but you are very wrong in several of your arguments. The reason so many people are upset is because the jobs WERE occupied by legal Americans, but were lost to illegal immigrants because they will work for such low wages. My boyfriend has been in the construction field for many years and was earning a living wage that allowed him to raise a family and own a small home-we live at the lower middle class level and are certainly not rich. He regularly worked 12 hour days so don't tell me he "really don't want to work"! What he didn't want to do was share a rental house with ten other people so he could afford to work for a salary below minimum wage!! Just before Christmas, his company laid off ALL their American workers due to "lack of work", however they somehow managed to find enough work to keep the 17 illegal Mexicans that they kept employed but paid under the table. SO, those of you think "sometimes you just have to do things that are illegal yet they dont really harm anybody" are wrong- explain your opinion to his kids who wonder why they have to move from the home he can no longer afford thanks to your mom and others like her.!

  • 331 - Been there

    Feb 08, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Oh and by the way, I do my own nails, mow my own grass, and clean my own home. I don't grow or pick my own vegetables though. Therefore,#328 by your reasoning I guess I deserve to lose my job to an illegal immigrant too- since I am obviously too lazy to grow my own food ! Also, you aren't really paying SS taxes-not with illegal numbers. It is just a sham the companies that hire you use to bypass laws. They give you a fake number and take out "taxes" which they then pocket to make their profits even larger. You know what is going on, but don't protest because you don't want to lose the job you took from a legal citizen to a fellow immigrant. Besides, you know that the legitimate income taxes the rest of us really do pay will will build the roads you use to get to work, support the hospitals you use to deliver your children ( for those legal US birth certificates) and the schools to educate (babysit) them, and pay for your food stamps as well.

  • 332 - Julia Maple

    Feb 17, 2011 at 5:10 am

    The previous commentators tackled the issue of the immigrants never paying taxes which would help in these recession times and asking instead to have the same rights as the tax payers.
    Some people even came with the idea that the illegal immigrants who bought houses they couldn't afford were one of the factors that triggered the financial crisis [Edited]
    But from the pragmatic point of view, what can be done with these people? Unfortunately, illegal immigration into the United States is highly profitable proposition for both employers and the U.S. government, and it also benefits Mexico, which is the largest source country of undocumented immigrants into the US.
    The US and Mexican governments actively stimulated illegal immigrants to enter USA and to work illegally for profit-hungry U.S. employers. Poverty-stricken immigrants , who are often desperate to house and feed their families, respond to the financial enticements...and then are blamed by U.S. citizenry for illegally being in the US.

  • 333 - I am reality

    Feb 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    They are very ignorant ..they drive like they own the road and never use the words please , excuse me or thank you..my neighborhood has been taken over and they think it is theirs..

  • 334 - jessup

    Mar 04, 2011 at 8:40 am

    should illegal aliens come to the U.S.A.

  • 335 - Cindy

    Mar 04, 2011 at 8:53 am

    ...from like Mars?

  • 336 - Margo

    Mar 29, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Illegal people do pay taxes...if you read on it you would know. They might not have a ss# yet they get a number to do taxes. Also the government gives them opportunity to join the military in return to when they finish their term they get citizenship. So some are trying to make things right. With time everything seems to get in order. For those that refuse to be civil about it........I will pray for you all....it is obvious you need to get yourself right with God to be able to enjoy your life and be happy instead of getting all worked out and live a miserable life. It help you should try talking to God for some peace in your heart and mind.

  • 337 - Sandy

    Apr 26, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    I have a trick question. What if you are an illegal immigrant but you're parents brought you to America illegally when you were younger than 18. America is the only land you know and the best language you speak is english over any other. Most people assume illegals are the ones who just came over the border or with visas that expired. What about the children who grew up here undocumented due to their parents bringing them over without immirgation papers. My question: Are these children to blame for the crimes committed by their parents? Are they criminals? Should there be a separate immigration law to allow these American raised children documentation as a pathway to citizenship or our military? That would help them bette rthemselves and stay off welfare. Would these current adults who are illegal due to their parents, deserve the same hate or are they viewed separely? No one talks about the children brought illegally and had no choice but to come over and grow up here. They feel like Americans and want to do their part here. What do you suppose?

  • 338 - Maria

    May 01, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Fuuck all Oof yoou guuys , Immaigrants are NOOT going to be all deported at Once we are just go to keep on comingg Because we Never Give Up & One day were going to have a Hispanic Presdient we Never care what you guys think about Latinos All of yoou that dont like latinos well talk all that shit in our faces I deare you ! All the hard good workers our all of us but I dosent matter whos predient to us You cant get us out of hear were to many and we will fight for our new lives PERIOD !


    May 01, 2011 at 4:27 pm


  • 340 - Mr. Upset

    May 25, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Nancy i dont believe any one will listen to you or i hope not because to tell some one to hang themselves and their parents are scum is just wrong i understand american citizens dont like paying taxes and most feel the same way but it doesnt mean you can become hurtful and irrational and say that type of thing to some one. Its not certain races or certain immigrants that make the US bad its people who are like you! thinking since they have rights that they can say whatever they want. all im saying is be rational dont start becoming hurtful i could be saying the same thing to you but i wont because i have manners and im rational about things and i was raised by illegal immigrants (my parents eventually got papers though) so what im saying is dont think just cause you are a citizen that you can tell illegal immigrants scum or tell people to hang themselves.

  • 341 - Mr. Upset

    May 25, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    to patriot

    Isn't that practically what Europeans did when they first came to America? they brought diseases, killed, raped, destroyed the land and much more! believe it or not patriot this was once native American land and Mexican land but then Europeans (white people) came and took there land forcefully killing more people than probably immigrants have ever done! beside i highly doubt its only immigrants just do drugs or rape people or kill people. Im pretty sure legal citizens do that too

  • 342 - Ingrid Kaltenbruenner

    Jun 27, 2011 at 8:41 am

    First of all illegal immigrants do not take anybody's job, they are doing what you and I hate to do, Will you all Americans go to work cleaning hauses, a maid, or under the sun all day as a gardener? NO, then quick complaining, and the people who are taking over america are Asians look at our debt with china, look at most of your bosses and they will be asians, look who's got the best cars, so open your eyes to the real problem. There would not be illegal immigrants here if American citizens did not hire them.

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