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Ottobah Cuggano-Abolitionist

Ottobah Cuggano was born around 1757 in Ghana, he was kidnapped as a slave at around thirteen. He came to England from ...

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Black Footballers in Britain-Walter Tull


Walter Tull was born in Folkestone on 28th April 1888. His father was a carpenter from Barbados who had moved to Folkestone and married a local woman. By the age of nine, Walter had lost both his parents, and when he was 10 he and his brother Edward were sent to a Methodist orphanage in ...

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Taking the BNP seriously: Simplistic condemnation is not enough

British National Party

Edmund Standing, April 19th 2009, 4:07 pm What the BNPs modernisation reveals about modern Britain The BNPs rebranding strategy reveals something very interesting about Britain, and white British people in particular. For years, by promoting racial nationalism, the BNP remained an utterly marginal organisation, largely attracting hardcore racists, skinheads, and social misfits. The fact that the ...

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Theatre review: Death and the King’s Horseman

Is death the start of the human journey or its end? Is mortality a transition from one sphere of our existence to another - the recurring cycle of life, death and rebirth? From Nobel Literature Laureate Wole Soyinka’s versatile prose emerges a mournful piece of theatre, which isn’t in fear of difficult themes of life ...

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Black Cinema

Tuesday 11.30am March 31st & April 7th 2009 BBC Radio 4 and on BBC i-player for 7 days after broadcast Programme 1: Less than 50 years ago a passionate bedroom kiss between a white man and a black woman in a popular television soap opera was the stuff of tabloid headlines. So risque that, in ...

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Photo exhibition of black music legends in Birmingham, England

Photographer Pogus Ceasar gives Richard McComb a tour of black music in Birmingham over the past 25 years - Legends through a lens The colour scheme is stark, unyielding, the white studio space flooded with sunlight from the overhead windows on this early spring morning. Black and white photographs, framed in black, hang from the walls. There ...

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Black Canadians – An overview

black Canadianhistory

Black Canadians in Canada: Total Population of Canada: 30+,000,000 Number of Black People living in Canada: 670,000 Percentage of Canadian Population that's Black: 2% Percentage of the Black Canadian Population living in: - Toronto - 47% - Montreal - 20% - Ottawa - 6% - Vancouver - 3% - Halifax - 2% Where Black Canadians ...

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The Visual Representation, Role and Origin of Black Soldiers in British Army Regiments During the Early Nineteenth Century.

The Visual Representation, Role and Origin of Black Soldiers in British Army Regiments During the Early Nineteenth Century.
Presented by Mr John D Ellis as part of the requirement of the MA Degree in Nineteenth Century Culture and Society.
University of Nottingham, September 2000.

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Black Soldiers in the British Army-John Ellis

It would of course be easy to leave such men as

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Black British History – Some Light reading

* Staying Power-The History of Black people in Britain by Peter Fryer (Pluto Press 1984) * Black England-Life before Emancipation by Gretchen Gerzina (John Murray,1995) * Black Settlers in Britain 1555-1958 by Nigel File and chris Power (Heinemann,1981; reprinted 1995) * Black Edwardians-Black people in Britain 1901-1914 by Jeffrey Green (Frank Cass 1998) * Wonderful adventures of Mary Seacole ...

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The Rwandan Genocide: Why it happened

Rwandan Victims of GenocideRwandan Victims of Genocide

Rwandan Genocide: Why it happened and Why it shouldn’t have happen The year 2004 marked the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide in which 1,000,000 Rwandans were slaughtered over the course of 100 days, although some officials reported a span of 8 weeks….

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NARM (Naming And Role Models) Project to highlight British African role models (1907-2007)

Some have described President Barack Obama as the “ultimate role model”. But who are the British male roles of African descent?

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01

Black History month launched: Haringey Council http://tinyurl.com/ab824p # Answering Blackpresence mail. Finally seem to have found a permanent solution to the website management..watch this space # BBC NEWS | Entertainment | EastEnders to air black landmark: EastEnders is to air the first episode featuring an.. http://tinyurl.com/asmlte # New article about Black knights in Medieval Europe http://tinyurl.com/cndnfm ...

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Black British History-African Sea Farers

Sailors from Africa, the West Indies and India have contributed to the life on board British ships during times of both peace and war

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Black History Month: Babymother (UK 1998)

Anita, the main character proudly holds her childrenAnita, the main character proudly holds her children

Babymother is one of the few Black British films to receive a UK release of any kind since the 1980s, but even so, it is likely to be better known abroad where it was shown in festivals

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Steamship is Historical Focus

SS Empire WindrushSS Empire Windrush

Known for carrying 492 passengers from Jamaica to Britain is a centrepiece of this year’s black history season.

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Joseph Knight

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