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Carlo Montemagno, Ph.D.

Chair of Academic Affairs and Roy and Carol Doumani Chair, Biomedical Engineering IDP
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

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Work Email Address:
Mailing Address: UCLA
Departmental of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Box 951597
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Mailing Address: University of Cincinnati
801 Engineering Research Center
PO Box 210018
Cincinnati, OH 45221
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Office Phone Number: 513-556-2933
Work Phone Number: (310) 794-7270
Technical Research Interest:

Professor Montemagno's research is focused on the application of nanotechnology to biological systems. He is well known for having engineered and fabricated the first nanobiomechanical motor system. His current research projects are directed at the development of biomolecular motor powered nanoelectromechanical devices, muscle powered MEMS devices, micro-robotics, and the engineering of on-chip detectors for pathogens.

Additional Information:

Dr. Carlo Montemagno is currently the Carol and Roy Doumani Professor of Biomedical Engineering, the Chairman of UCLA's Department of Bioengineering and Department of Biomedical Engineering IDP. After receiving his B.S. degree from Cornell in biological engineering, Dr. Montemagno spent eight years in the U.S. Navy as a Civil Engineering Corp officer. During his service Dr. Montemagno earned a M.S. in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. In 1988, Dr. Montemagno joined Argonne National Laboratory, were he both developed and served as group leader for the Advanced Environmental Studies and the Environmental Physics research groups. While at Argonne National Laboratory, Dr. Montemagno earned his doctorate at the University of Notre Dame in Civil Engineering in 1995. He joined the Biological and Environmental Engineering faculty of Cornell University in 1995. He then joined UCLA in 2001. For his cumulative work Professor Montemagno was awarded the Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology in 2003.

Selected Publications:

Jung BC, Dave AS, Tan AY, Gholmieh G, Zhou S, Wang DC, Akingba AG, Fishbein GA, Montemagno C, Lin SF, Chen LS, Chen PS , Circadian variations of stellate ganglion nerve activity in ambulatory dogs, Heart Rhythm, 2006, 3 (1), 78-85.
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