Focus: Bob MacNeil

December 7th, 2006

bob3.jpgAmerican artist Bob MacNeil is one of the stalwarts of the illustration world looking back on a career spanning two decades already, and he is only getting started. This multi-talented virtuoso is equally skilled in a big amount of different fields, whether he is doing advertising, animating, illustrating, painting, you name it, chances are Bob has been there.

Coming from the old-school of hard knocks in terms of Illustration, Bob’s discovery of the digital medium and tools like Photoshop or Illustrator have truly catapulted his work onto a new level, using the high speed and customizability of these new tools to his full advantage.His portfolio includes a plethero of styles and genres, showing that this self-styled “Chameleon” of art can hold his own in more fields than most.


Relying on his classical art training as the main foundation for his work, Bob has gone ahead and created a dazzling array of artwork over the years. The frightening thing about it is not the fact that there are so many different things to look at, but more that all of them are incredibly well done. His work includes character design, abstract work, environment design, cartoons, portraits and much much more.

Bob speaks of himself as a “Go-to Guy”, capable of handling any challenge he is faced with equally well because he dabbles in so many fields and has the experience to boot. Apart from that he also loves to share info about his work and himself, often indulging others in tutorials or giving tips.


Big clients like Mattel, Pepsi, Electronic Arts, Polaroid and many others are only a small indication of his recognition in the field. The range of different clients he has worked for really speaks for his ability to adapt and accept a huge variety of different assignments. But after all this he is still a down to earth guy that knows where he has come from. You should check out his online portfolio at for a great amount of stuff concerning Bob and his work, or if you feel like getting a more intimate perspective check out his blog!

- X, Zeroe

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    wow, he is amazing person.

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    Looking for something else, but nice site. Have an excellent day….

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