Tom Kovach
June 26, 2008
O-bonics, and other lessons
Obama, and his followers, obscure the truth. Surprised??
By Tom Kovach

For the past several days, local Nashville talk-radio host Michael DelGiorno aided by co-host Gwen Freeman, and by enthusiastic callers have been coming up with new words to describe the starry-eyed, all-believing condition of the followers of presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama. The intensity of those followers, when in their state of "Obamelation," is startling. In fact, it is rapidly becoming an "Obamenon."

It all started because the radio hosts put together a "radio cartoon" in an attempt to translate the babblings of Senator Obama. That led to discussing what has come to be known as the "Obama comma": that ... uh... long pause... uh... as the candidate searches for... uh... just the right word to distort the truth when someone in an audience asks a piercing question. Callers got into it to the point that each day now includes many new "Obam-isms." One caller even trumped the hosts by coining the term "O-bonics" to describe the unique language

let's have some fun

With the above in mind, here is a list of Obonics terms that you can insert into your daily political discourse. Keep in mind, though, that in order to understand some Obonics terms you might need to use another Obonics term in its definition. In the skewed linguistic rules of Obonics, that would be called a "double positive." Here we go.

Obamelation: the feeling of intense euphoria that Commie-minded voters experience when discussing anything that includes the words "Barack Obama" in any sentence (except, of course, when the sentence includes any actual facts that are detrimental to turning the United States into an ObamaNation).

Obamatron: a person that blindly believes everything that Barack Obama says, and acts accordingly. The root word is "automaton." An Obamatron will vote for Barack Obama, even if the candidate is not on the ballot because he becomes disqualified due to a lack of United States citizenship!

Obamessiah: This one has been around for awhile, but bears repeating. Many of the candidates followers seem to think quite literally that Barack Obama can, and will, solve all the world's problems.

Obobviously: The word that an Obamatron will use, with intense Obamelation, when explaining to a non-believer that the candidate "Obobviously" really is the Obamessiah.

O-bomb: (verb) the act of inserting the name Barack Obama into any conversation, for any reason, in a whiny-liberal attempt to gain support for the candidate. An O-bomb can also be used to disrupt a conversation, whenever conservatives (see: racist hate-mongers) are using facts in an attempt to malign the candidate. (e.g.: "They were talking about how they would never vote for him, so I just O-bombed them about 50 times at the top of my lungs. I won; they all walked away.")

O-bomb: (noun) the magical name of the candidate, as used when dropping an O-bomb. (NOTE: Just as lead plates can shield from the radiation of an H-bomb, using the middle name "Hussein" shields conservatives from the radiation of an O-bomb.)

Obamageddon: the place where we could be headed if Obama gets elected. (This word was originally in a DelGiorno "radio cartoon," but with a different definition. Or... was it?)

now, seriously, folks...

My own on-air contribution to Obonics was "Obamistan" the new name for a United States that is forced to accept Islamic Shari'a law. If you think that is a far-fetched idea, then consider another Islamic term: taq'qiyah. That word describes the fact that, under Islam, it is entirely acceptable even encouraged to use any level of deception against "unbelievers" (in Allah, who is not the same as the God of the Bible) to advance the cause of Islam. In the video linked above, note that an Islamic "scholar" (Abu Hamza al-Masri) advocates that Muslims may commit any act beat, kidnap, sell, or kill upon any non-Muslim that they might encounter. Al-Masri says that all non-Muslims are "like a cow."

Barack Obama claims to be a Christian. But, is he? His "church" seems to hold Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan in higher esteem than they do Jesus Christ. Obama used his political clout to support a regime in Kenya that oppressed Christians and attempted to impose shari'a law on all Kenyans. Obama's grandfather renounced Christianity. (For the results of that, read Hebrews 6, especially Verse 6.) Barack Obama's childhood friends recall him as a devout Muslim, and so do his relatives. A news item from India reports that Obama also carries a miniature Hindu idol in his pocket for "luck." (The word "luck" stems from the name "Lucifer." The word in Russian for "evil" is lukavaho. Christians should bristle whenever someone wishes them "good luck.")

other lessons

Recently, I floated the idea that Barack Obama could become The Antichrist by three ministers. One laughed at me, and two have not returned my messages. But, if the idea is so far-fetched, then how is it that:

  • He was raised a Muslim, claims to be a Christian, but has never publicly renounced Islam? (In the Orthodox Church, when a convert is baptized, part of the ritual is to renounce any other god. Most other Christian denominations accept that concept, even if they do not have a written liturgical procedure for renouncing Allah.)

  • He claims to be a Christian, but carries a Hindu idol in his pocket?

  • He supported an African politician that hunted down Christians?

  • His followers believe whatever he says, even if it is proven to be a lie?

  • It has been "revealed" that he is likely not even a United States citizen, yet he has not been disqualified from office? (Is that not an ultimate example of "lawlessness," to become a lawmaker illegally?)

The Holy Bible describes certain attributes of The Antichrist. He will be a man that ultimately "sets himself above all that is called god." (If one claims to adhere to several different gods, even though each one claims exclusive dominion, then what does that say about the man?) The Antichrist will be a persecutor of Christians. He will be a consummately skilled liar. And, his identity will be revealed only after The Tribulation has already begun.

Now, before readers make too many assumptions, consider that The Antichrist will be preceded by a False Prophet, who will give The Antichrist his political power. Recently, former president Bill Clinton endorsed candidate Barack Obama, even though Hillary Clinton has only suspended (not withdrawn) her candidacy for president. Bill Clinton cannot become president again. But, he could be appointed by a President Barack Obama, or even by a President Hillary Clinton to become US Ambassador to the United Nations. And, in that position, he would be eligible to become UN Secretary General. That, in effect, would make Bill Clinton "king of the world," if the UN seizes power. All of that handed to him by a man that rises up, "speaking boastfully" to the world about "change we can believe in." Hmmmmm.

Obama-Lama: the spiritual leader of all Obamatrons throughout the ObamaNation.

Buckle your seatbelts, folks. It looks like we're in for one hell of a ride. (For the heavily-footnoted details, my new book, Tribulation: 2008, should be released soon.)

© Tom Kovach

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