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Operation Hope & Recovery – Postponed

Operation Hope and Recovery

Dear Friends, Operation Hope & Recovery scheduled for Friday night 16 September at Marsham Street has been postponed due to clashes with a number of other community events. It is now scheduled for late October and details will be posted on the website shortly. Thanks for your commitment to making a difference. This is a small glitch in a big program. Stay ...

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Black People at the Old Bailey

The Old Bailey

When searching the Records for The evidence of Early Black settlers in Britain.  Evidence is to be found everywhere. It just needs searching out.  the Old Bailey Website is an excellent source of records for evidence of Black people, living in Britain before the 20th Century. Here are some examples. Black people in the Old Bailey William Bosham ...

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Rights vs Rules – it’s not about race


Recently An Afro-Caribbean teenager has won a ruling that St Gregory's Catholic Science College in Kenton, Harrow, north London was applying a cornrows ban in a way which amounted to "unjustified" indirect racial discrimination. The Schools decision to ban hairstyles it says have become associated with gang culture has resulted in the boy being excluded from school, in September ...

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Almost British-New Book Highlights Prison Injustice

Almost British

Occasionally here at blackpresence we get sent manuscripts advertising upcoming books. We always try to support quality work our online community, none more so than the upcoming book "Almost British" from Author Olivea M Ebanks. The Passion that this book is written with shines through. Olivea's determination, not just to take on the establishment and win, ...

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Black Britons – Race Riots in South Shields and Liverpool

Yemeni Protester being led away

Black Britons - Race Riots in South Shields The first race riots to take place in Britain were in South Shields (Tyneside). A number of Arab and Somali seamen had settled there in the 1860's, and theses populations were added to by West African and West Indian Seamen who settled in North shields before the First ...

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Black People in 18th Century Old Bailey Court Records (pt1)

Old Bailey

Part of the Myth that black people have only been living in Britain since the 1950's has been due to the general inaccessible nature of public records to the masses. In today's modern world, more and more records are becoming available to people online. The Old Bailey Online site is one such resource ...

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Annie Gross tried for Murder 1912

Annie Gross

Annie Gross was a black entertainer from America. She and her husband Harry had been working in New York before touring British Music Halls. Harry Gross had left Annie for an actress called Jessie Mackintosh, they were living in actors lodgings in Coram Street, Central London. He had been in a song ...

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The Death of Joy Gardner

Joy Gardner

The late Mrs.Joy Gardner died on 28.7.93, after being gagged and restrained with a body belt at her home, whilst being served with a deportation order - leaving a 7 year old son. Police officers were charged with manslaughter, and later acquitted. She had come to visit her mother, Myrna Simpson, but overstayed her 6 month ...

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Race Riots in Liverpool 1919


Race riots in the U.K have occurred for some time in Britain. Some of the first recorded "Race Riots" involving black people took place in Liverpool. Liverpool has a long established black community left over from its former status as a Slave Port. John Johnson a West Indian was stabbed in the face by 2 Scandinavians ...

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The 1981 Brixton Riots

In the Early 1980's the tensions of inner City Living and intense policing collided. Rioting erupted in inner city London. This film shows some of the events of the 1981 Brixton riots. Were you there? Do you know anyone who was there who participated in the disturbances? Related Links: The Met The Scarman ...

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The Black Radicals-William Cuffay

William Cuffay

William Cuffay was one of the principle leaders of the Chartist movement, the first mass political movement of the British working class. He was born in Chatham Kent in 1788, the son of an African ...

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Sickle Cell and Deaths in Custody Conference

Resgistert on-line here

Registration closes 18 May 2009 - Book now to avoid disappointment! The Unit for the Social Study of Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell (TASC Unit) at De Montfort University, Leicester is pleased to present this exclusive one-day conference. The conference examines Sickle Cell Disorders, healthcare neglect in prisons, racism in the criminal justice system and the introduction of ...

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Man shot by cop testifies to grand jury

Shot by Police

A Harris County grand jury on Monday heard from 23-year-old Robert Tolan, who was shot in the chest in front of his home by a Bellaire police officer, leading to accusations of racial profiling. A former minor league ballplayer, Tolan was stopped in front of his home on New Year’s Eve because police believed the vehicle ...

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Remembering John Hope Franklin

John Hope Franklin

Oklahoma and the country have lost a great man.John Hope Franklin, revered historian and tireless advocate for equality, died this morning of congestive heart failure. He was 94. FOX 23's Douglas Clark has more on Franklin's extraordinary life. Friends describe him as someone ...

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Post-poll Antiguan uncertainty

UNCERTAINTY hangs over the future of Antigua and Barbuda's second-term government of Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer last week with the filing of four election petitions Thursday (March 19) by the opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP) in the High Court. RICKEY SINGH The challenging of the declared results involve three of the nine seats won by the incumbent ...

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Do Community groups make a difference?

AUGUSTA, Ga. - It was a gathering to reclaim black manhood--a conference for all ages, men and women, held at Paine College. “You can achieve, you can believe, you can conceive, that truly this country is made for you and you need to use the world as your oyster," said Dr. Mike Weaver, organizer. Men and ...

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Hoodies Raid Derby Store

CASH was stolen from a till when three men wearing hooded tops raided a Derby shop. The shop assistant at the Afro-Caribbean food and fish store, in Upper Dale Road, was pushed out of the way by one of the thieves while another snatched money from the till and the third stood by and watched. Police are ...

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Task force to boot out racism in Soccer

Kick Racism

I tried Several times to use the Independents embed code but it simply would not work. Below is the link to the article.

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Black marine barred from suing MoD

Mark Parchment

A former Royal Marine who claims he suffered violent racial abuse while a member of the forces was barred by the High Court from suing the Ministry of Defence for pounds 750,000 damages yesterday. Deputy judge John Griffith Williams ruled that Mark Parchment had left it too long to bring an action after he went on ...

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Soldiers ‘tried to scrub black trooper white’

British Army

A black soldier was subjected to brutal racism, including physical assaults in which his room-mates tried to scrub him "clean and white", it was alleged last night. The Army said it has received allegations from Rifleman Clive Walker of the Royal Green Jackets that he suffered racial abuse and assaults at the hands of a number ...

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