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  1. We test drive the wonderfully perverse 2011 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible:
  2. Made it 611 miles on one tank of gas in the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, from NYC-Ohio: 40+mpg. Stopped at BP for junk food, not fuel.
  3. Post-Irene swell claimed my boardshorts. Sorry about the full frontal exposure, Rockaways!
  4. Flashlight, multitool, doritos. A gear guy is always prepared. #Irene
  5. You're damn right we're testing speakers in the office with a Secada/Winwood/Hornsby rock block
  6. The rickety, trouble-prone subway cars on the NYC MTA C train debuted way back in 1964. And some people love them:
  7. Fact: the Dominos Pizza Tracker went live on 1/30/08. That's over three years ago, people. What's the next big idea in pizza tech?
  8. Hey, lady driving a new, black Dodge Challenger down Fifth Ave while eating a slice of pizza, folded over: Like your style.
  9. Has any woman ever started a conversation with a man by asking, "Got a spare battery for my e-cigarette?"
  10. Has anyone ever done it while wearing five-toed shoes? Asking for a friend.
  11. Ferrari: new 458 Spider's design allows for "normal conversation to be held at speeds of over 200km/h." You can say "Oh, sh---" quietly.
  12. Sand in my Kindle? Sand in my Kindle.
  13. For $150, Garmin's Edge 200 Cycling GPS is for bicyclists on a budget.
  14. Just saw #Sharps new 70" 3D TV. Best part has to be Advantage Live, which connects users to a help staff, who can adjust your TV from afar
  15. We ALWAYS get asked, "Where can I get a bottle opener that matches my screwdrivers and other hand tools?" Answer:
  17. Yes. RT @joemfbrown: Remember when people used to actually lust after Jaguars?