Helen Valois
September 11, 2008
Barack Obama: messiah or Mr. Magoo?
By Helen Valois

The cover of Glenn Beck's Fusion magazine currently and compellingly asks: "Barack Obama: Messiah or Mussolini?" In light of the recent "lipstick on a pig" flap, however, we are now justified in proposing an equally vital question. Is Barry really a secular messiah, or only the political reincarnation of Mr. Magoo?

The proffered excuse for the "pig" poke should by now be recognizable as standard Obama fare. "It was an innocuous comment, taken out of context," he asserts. Yeah, right. Yet again, the Democratic contender puts us in a position of accepting an attestation of naivete that stretches credulity to the breaking point, or else find ourselves on the receiving end of resounding, Team Obama-led denunciation of "the right" as a bunch of judgmental ideologues.


When will the Republican leadership — not to mention our fearless conservative commentators — stop getting sacked by this same old maneuver?

It's not like this is the first time Obama has played the innocence card. O'Reilly just recently backed him up against the wall about the Jeremiah Wright thing, pressing him to admit that he had to have known — after twenty years of attending Wright's services an average of twice a month, and with Wright's recorded sermons available in the front of the building — the essence of his former pastor's anti-American message. "What can I tell you?" Obama shrugged, sticking to his denial at all costs. In the same way, the "rising star" Democrat has long asked us to believe that Tony Rezko's activities never raised a red flag for him, nor does Bill Ayers' ongoing unrepentant attitude towards the little problem of domestic terrorism.

Short of acquiring divine omniscience, it is impossible for any of us (body language experts included) to ascertain whether Barack Obama, or any other human being for that matter, is or is not telling the truth. If it is judgmental for us to disbelieve Barack, isn't it equally judgmental for O'Reilly to certify him "sincere"? What really tipped Team Obama's hand, where the "lipstick" jibe is concerned, was the element of plausible deniability — they were ready, at the drop of a hat, to cite the last time John McCain had used the selfsame verbiage.

But let's just say, for the sake of the argument, that Barack really didn't realize that his intonation of the hackneyed old political clichι about "lipstick on a pig" might possibly, at this particular point in our common dialogue, seem offensive to some. Let's say there truly wasn't a Palin-shaped cloud in his mental sky when those words issued leg-tinglingly forth from his parted lips. Let's say that the assembled audience — as culturally oblivious, evidently, as their leader himself — laughed and cheered because they were utterly unfamiliar with the supposedly standard expression, and found it wonderfully witty and incisive instead. Let's just say that all of that could possibly be the case. Where would we be then?

Would we really want, as leader of the free world, a man who hasn't the slightest notion of what is going on right under his own nose? If the Democratic presidential contender, presumably immersed in the ins-and-outs of the current race, truly failed to register the way Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention deeply resonated with his fellow Americans, what offense might he inadvertently give in dealing with the leaders of foreign nations? The spectre of Barack "Sweetie" Obama interacting unsupervised with, say, the worthies of China or North Korea arises shudderingly before the eye of the imagination. Would we have to have a member of his administration specially appointed to clue him in about things like bowing to the Japanese, or not making watermelon allusions in Harlem? And who might this representative be — Joe "Stand Up, Chuck!" Biden?

Barack Obama needs to be challenged, directly and strenuously, on what he himself presents as the best-case scenario in his own regard. If he isn't a manipulative, Marxist-leaning, worst-of-Chicago-style political opportunist, then he is, according to his own contention, a blinkered bungler forging ahead in the most happy-go-lucky of fashions, mentally unfettered — like a certain cartoon character of old — by the least concern for, or even awareness of, the devastation he is wreaking on all sides. I have heard several answers to the now-famous, "Who would you want picking up the phone in the White House at 3:00 a.m.?" question, but have yet to hear anyone reply with great conviction and urgency, "Mr. Magoo!"

© Helen Valois

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