Bonnie Rogoff
June 8, 2009
Who cries for Christin Gilbert?
By Bonnie Rogoff

One month ago, if you had asked the average American who abortionist George Tiller was, he or she would not know. Today, everyone knows that George Tiller was a late term abortion doctor, a brave and silent unsung hero and a saver of women's lives who bravely operated his business out of his clinic in Wichita Kansas. So said the liberal press.

One month ago, if you had asked the average American who Christin Gilbert was, that individual would say they don't know. Today, he or she would still not know.

The reason for this discrepancy has to do with the importance the mainstream media assigns to truth when reporting a story. When the subject matter provides legitimacy to a law they like no matter how barbaric or dangerous the results of that law may be the news is plastered on the front page of every newspaper and on every blog and website. What's more, the news will be doctored (pun intended) to bring credibility to their side of the issue, and make the opposing viewpoint no matter how sane and logical appear dangerous.

In this case, a deranged individual comes up with the absurd notion that by murdering the most infamous abortionist in America, it would somehow help the pro-life movement. The result will be that the pro-life movement could once again be forced into retreat, backed into a defensive position where we are the terrorists bombing the clinics of America and they the abortion "doctors" are the heroes saving women from dangerous illegal operations. Every major pro-life organization in America immediately condemned Tiller's murder. Scott Roeder has no ties to any legitimate pro-life group.

George Tiller was not a doctor in any sense of the word. He was a man who possessed a medical degree and chose to degrade those credentials by becoming a late-term abortionist for money and fame. His specialty was the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure and he performed them up until the ninth month of pregnancy. He was one of only three men in this country to perform these abortions in the third trimester. As Bill O'Reilly pointed out on The O'Reilly Factor, Tiller performed over 60,000 late term abortions and made millions of dollars doing it. When America was a nation filled with rational people, 60,000 fetal deaths would have been considered butchery. There has been much criticism of pro-lifers who referred to him as "Tiller the Killer." Sorry, but that's exactly what the man did for a living. He killed. And not just babies.

Christin Gilbert was a pregnant 19 year old woman with Down's Syndrome, and one of at least two women aborted and killed by George Tiller. Christin had been sexually assaulted, and brought to the Women's Health Care Services when she was 28 weeks pregnant. She died following a botched third trimester abortion procedure, in which two injections of digoxin were administered to the unborn baby's heart. Christin was supposed to deliver the dead baby in a hotel room, but she developed complications that resulted in sepsis, cardiac arrest and systemic organ failure. She was transported to a local hospital emergency room where she died on January 13, 2005. As of this writing, there are over 21 million search results on Google for "George Tiller" and only 3,520 for Christin Gilbert.

There were at least nine ambulance runs from Tiller's clinic in recent years, with Tiller's victims taken to the local hospital because they were seriously injured at his clinic. Six of those runs took place on the following dates: October 12, 2002, January 23, 2004, June 4, 2004, September 2, 2004, February 17, 2005, and May 11, 2005. To the keen observer, it is evident that four of these botched abortions occurred prior to the death of Christin Gilbert. On March 12, 2009, a young girl was transported from George Tiller's mill to the local hospital emergency room, hemorrhaging so badly the clinic staff could not stop the bleeding. This begs the following question: Why was George Tiller still performing abortions after all these documented injuries and deaths at his clinic?

The answer has to do with "ProKanDo," the political action committee (PAC) founded by Tiller and supported by numerous lobbyists. From this PAC, tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions were donated to the election campaigns of former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius. Twice, she vetoed legislation that would have placed minimal regulations on abortion clinics in Kansas and would have made abortions safer for women. ProKanDo also sent over $210,000 of contributions into the 2002 race to elect Tiller's choice for Attorney General, pro-abortion Paul Morrison, who ended up winning the race. Eventually, George Tiller was indicted on 30 counts of illegal late-term abortions. Phil Kline, the former pro-life attorney general, had appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case but he was promptly fired by Morrison when he took office as Attorney General. That's why Tiller was never convicted.

With George Tiller dead, longtime associate and friend Leroy Carhart will take over the late term abortions and it will be business as usual at Wichita. George Tiller's murder should be condemned for the act of violence that it is because the murder of any human being is wrong. However, let's keep this in perspective. George Tiller was supposed to stand trial for 19 charges of illegal abortions. Tiller performed abortions on girls as young as 10 and in many cases, they were victims of statutory rape that went unreported. Women's Health Care Services "head nurse" Nancy Reavis holds no nursing license in any state. In short, George Tiller was running a mill that should have been closed long ago and he should have been imprisoned. He was a contemptible man. No hero.

Pro-life leaders will continue to denounce Tiller's murder because we abhor violence. We seek peaceful means of ending the evil of abortion. Most Americans believe Roe v. Wade is the only law that legalized abortion. Few heard of Doe v. Bolton, the companion law that codified Roe, permitting abortion for all three trimesters, for any reason. Since the 1973 Roe and Doe decisions, abortion has become a multi-million dollar business benefiting its practitioners, and has nothing to do with helping women during a pregnancy crisis. Except for the excellent website, pro-choice violence against pro-lifers is never publicized. Here is an excerpt from the site illustrating the staggering levels of "pro-choice" violence:

"Deadly pro-abortion violence has been reported at least since 1965 and is escalating rapidly, with an incredible 269 homicides and other killings committed in just the last six years (since 2000). 2005 was the bloodiest year, with pro-abortionists murdering 77 people, including 28 pregnant women (and their 28 wanted preborn babies), two baby boys, one little boy and five little girls, four men and two women, and seven other wanted preborn babies. The pro-abortionists almost matched this bloody slaughter in 2002, with 58 deaths, and in 2003, with 53 deaths. In fact, pro-abortionists have averaged more murders per year since 1967 (that's 39 years in a row) than so-called "pro-lifers" have in the history of the entire conflict over abortion!"

In contrast, peaceful pro-life protesters are arrested and put in jail merely for praying and holding signs in front of abortion clinics. During President Obama's visit to Notre Dame, Dr. Alan Keyes and 21 pro-life protestors were arrested for going onto the campus pushing baby strollers carrying dolls covered with fake blood. For pro-lifers, the First Amendment does not apply.

When the next Christin Gilbert finds herself terrified, alone and a victim of a botched abortion, will Americans sit idly by in ignorance while stating that it's just a matter of "choice?"

© Bonnie Rogoff

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