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1.0 is here

SLYNUX Community

After the release of SLYNUX 2.0, SLYNUX is now a Community. A Community of Newbies and GNU/Linux enthusiasts. From now, SLYNUX is yours, for the community. SLYNUX Community has a good mailing list, Forum and limited e-mail service. I request all of you to join SLYNUX mailing list and forum. url: Join SLYNUX Community, Share your knowledge

Introduction to SLYNUX.

SLYNUX is a user friendly GNU/Linux Operating System for beginners. It can be run completely from CD without installation. There is also options to install to hard disk. The main feature of this operating system is that, any person who is familiar with Microsoft Windows OS can handle this operating system very easily. The desktop of this operating system is arranged so as to make it friendly to the user. Also it has a wide range of application programs which are pre-installed. SLYNUX is a live Linux distribution which includes content of about 2GB made available by using transparent compression. This is a debian based GNU/Linux developed from Knoppix (Credit of most features of this Distro goes to knoppix). This can be used by beginners of Linux OS. SLYNUX makes to familiarize Linux technology. This is also a complete suite Linux OS. This provides all types of needed software.


The features of this Operating System are:

How to run SLYNUX ?

In order to start the CD, first press 'DEL' while computer start up to adjust the boot list in the BIOS Setup . Then from the BIOS setup, change the first boot device to CD Drive. Then Save it by pressing 'F10'. Insert the CD in and restart the computer. Then you will be able to enjoy SLYNUX. If you are interested to install SLYNUX Operating system to Hard disk, double click on "SLYNUX hard disk install" icon on desktop to run SLYNUX from hard disk.

Required System configuration

Note: SLYNUX Live CD works smoothly with 256 MB RAM.

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