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  1. Angela Salvagno

    Follow me on twitter..twitter @ angela salvagno :)

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  2. Angela Salvagno

    Do you have your workout plan for the week? if u dont..i should punch u in the stomach!

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      • Scuba Diver


        1 month ago
      • JJ

        I would do anything to have u punch me! Lol

        1 month ago
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  3. Angela Salvagno

    Do you have your workout plan for the week? if you dont..i'll should punch you in the stomach!

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      • MR. CHAS

        Of course I do!!! And meals, and cardio and stretching and tanning...lmfao 

        1 month ago
  4. Angela Salvagno

    Going out with the girls for some cocktails & fun!

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      • MR. CHAS

         Love to see what you're wearing!! lol

        1 month ago
  5. Angela Salvagno

    Heading to santa cruz to play at the beach..are there any nude beaches there?

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      • MR. CHAS

         Wish I was there to "hang" on the beach with you!! lol

        1 month ago


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About me:

Hi everyone!! Im Angela Salvagno, I am an IFBB professional bodybuilder and im also a fitness model & actor. I call the Northern California hills my home once again after living in Florida for the past 5yrs. I enjoyed almost every minute playing at the beach, but it was time to come home. I started working out when i was 16 and competed in my first local area show in 1999. My first big win was the 2001 Iron Maiden championship. I placed in the top 10 at the Nationals from 2002 - 2004 and I was third at the 2005 USA Nationals. I won the NPC USA light heavy class in the summer of 06' and then with a very tired body placed 4th at the NPC Nationals in the fall of 06' in Miami Beach. I took first place again in the light heavy weight class at the 2007 NPC USA Nationals in Vegas and then after taking a well deserved year off from competing, i came back and won the overall title at the 2009 USA's in Las Vegas. --Aside from all of that I am an easy going down to earth type of person..(unless you bother me while im in the middle of a set, which will earn you the Angie-death stare :) I love all animals (especially my mini pom cini and i recently rescued a gorgeous siberian husky i named mishka) enjoy most reality tv shows, totally dig MMA fights, music of all kinds, crazy comedians that make me laugh, and all my sports teams...the Steelers & Penguins, SF Giants....oh and of course...,shopping :)~ What sexy woman doesnt like to do who wants to come spoil me?

Who I'd like to meet:


  • Status: Single
  • Here for: Networking
  • Hometown: Chico, Ca
  • Orientation: Bi
  • Body type: 5' 5" / Body builder
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Occupation: IFBB Pro bodybuilder/fitness model


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