Oracle DBA Job Task Survey

September 9th, 2011
The everyday tasks that DBAs do can vary greatly across different companies and teams, also the job evolves over time, even radically, like is the case with Exadata DBA role (or DMA role like Arup Nanda says). You can help out Oracle University & Certification people to put together better classes and corresponding certification paths by giving them some feedback about the everyday tasks you do in your DBA role. You can take the Oracle Corp's Oracle DBA Job Task Survey here: Take the Oracle DBA Job Task Survey!...  Are you an Oracle Database Administrator? Would you like to help define the depth ...


V8 Bundled Exec call – and Oracle Program Interface (OPI) calls

August 23rd, 2011
So, what he hell is that V8 Bundled Exec call which shows up in various Oracle 11g monitoring reports?! It's yet another piece of instrumentation which can be useful for diagnosing non-trivial performance problems. Oracle ASH has allowed us to measure what is the top wait event or top SQLID for a long time, but now it's also possible to take a step back and see what type of operation the database session is servicing.  I am talking about Oracle Program Interface (OPI) calls. Basically for each OCI call in the client side (like , OCIStmtExecute, OCIStmtFetch, etc) there's a corresponding server side ...

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Full scans, direct path reads and ORA-8103 error hacking session video here (plus iTunes podcast address!)

August 11th, 2011
I have uploaded the latest hacking session video to I have edited it a little, I cut out the part where I spilled an entire Red Bull onto my desk, with some onto my laptop (some keys are still sticky:) Also, I do upload all these sessins into iTunes - so you can subscribe to my podcast! That way you can download the videos into your computer, phone or iPad. I have deliberately used 1024x768 resolution so it would look awesome on iPad screen! (so hopefully your commute time gets a bit more fun now ;-)   Enjoy! iTunes video-podcast:   

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Secret hacking session – full scans, direct path reads, object level checkpoints, ORA-8103s! (again)

August 8th, 2011
I'm mentioning this again just in case you missed the announcement (because I posted it on the weekend):   There will be anotner free Secret hacking session - about full scans, direct path reads, object level checkpoints, ORA-8103s! It will happen tomorrow, Tuesday 9th August, online!   Register here: See you soon!  

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Are you getting the most out of your Exadata performance? Part 1

August 8th, 2011
In almost all of the Exadata migration projects I've been part of, the client sees immediate speedup & performance increase when testing their workload on Exadata (of course, we've made sure that we do plan & execute the tasks right). However, my performance geek's nature usually doesn't allow to stop there and leave the client with just 2x or 3x performance increase. For data warehousing and reporting workloads, Exadata can do much better than just 2-3x performance increase!  This is why I will write this article series about Getting the Most out of your Exadata Performance. I will write a bunch ...

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Secret hacking session – full scans, direct path reads, object level checkpoints, ORA-8103s!

August 6th, 2011
FREE STUFF !!! FREE STUFF !!! FREE STUFF !!! At the last week's Expert Oracle Exadata virtual conference both me and Kerry touched the topic of how smart scan (and direct path read) decisions are done for each scanned segment during the SQL execution runtime - and not by the optimizer during the optimization phase. I got a few follow-up questions about this yesterday and I also recall a similar question after my Understanding Exadata Performance Metrics presentation I did for UKOUG in London in April. I think this is a topic which deserves some deeper coverage and so I decided I'll do another ...

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Training Schedule for 2011 and Public Appearances

July 28th, 2011
Online SeminarsA lot of people have asked me about whether I'd be doing any more seminars in the future. And the answer is yes - at least this year (might be too busy running a company the next year ;-) I have finally put together the schedule for my 2011 seminars. In addition to the Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting seminar I will also deliver my Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning and Oracle Partitioning and Parallel Execution for Performance seminars, which I have done only onsite in past. So, check out the seminars page: Also don't forget the Expert Oracle Exadata virtual conference next week! Public Appearances Oracle ...

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Expert Oracle Exadata virtual conference

July 22nd, 2011
Today is the last day for getting the early bird's rate! Also, our book will be out on Monday!

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Enabling and Reading event 10046 / SQL Trace

July 20th, 2011
As I'm done with the book and back from a quick vacation (to Prague, which is an awesome place - well, at least during the summer) I promised (in Twitter) that now I'd start regularly writing blog articles again. In a separate tweet I asked what to write about. Among other requests (which I'll write about later), one of the requests was to write something about enabling and reading SQL trace files...  I am probably not going to write (much) about SQL trace for a single reason - Cary Millsap has already written a paper so good about this topic, that ...

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RAC hack!

July 6th, 2011
In other words - FREE STUFF!!! Riyaj Shamsudeen does a free RAC hacking session on 12 July! He will demonstrate how the LMS background process works, with the help of OS tracing tools like truss and DTrace. Sign up here!   Update: A video recording of the session can be found here:    

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