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Ga. Residents, Officials Brace For Tammy

Flooding Causes Road Closures In Camden, Glynn Counties

POSTED: Wednesday, October 5, 2005

City officials spent the day in constant contact with the National Weather Service and the Glynn County Emergency Operations Agency was up and running in preparation for Tropical Storm Tammy's landfall.

"We'll continue to have these meetings as the storm develops and gets closer," St. Mary's Police Chief Tim Hatch said.

The rainfall has been the most noticeable in St. Marys. National Park Service officials evacuated everyone off Cumerland Island and shut down the ferry at midday.

Several roads are closed due to extreme flooding and entire neighborhoods are underwater as a result.

"I've been here 14 years in this house, and I've never seen the water this high," said Frank Mason, whose yard was flooded by the storm.

Those affected by the flooding told Channel 4's Jennifer Bauer that they were frustrated by the lack of time to prepare. According to residents of one St. Marys neighborhood, the rain was coming down so hard that it took about 10 minutes for the flooding to start.

"I put dirt in the yard to combat the water, but it wasn't enough," Mason said.

Dozens of people on Cumberland Island were also told to evacuate because of the storm.

A tropical storm warning remains in effect from Flagler Beach, Fla., north to the Santee River in South Carolina. Tammy moved over land near Mayport about 8 p.m. Wednesday, but maintained 50 mph sustained winds.

For now, residents and city officials are waiting to see what else Tammy has in store for them.

"Right now we're on our 'wait and see'-type scenario," City Manager Bill Shanahan said.

The American Red Cross has opened a shelter at Selden Park for people living in low-lying areas.

Despite some potenial problems with flooded streets, all schools were expected to be open Thursday.

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