ONE The Event is honored to partner with several organizations that are promoting the Synchronized Moment of Love on 9/11 at 10:46pm GMT (3:46pm PDT) and facilitating ways to participate. We invite you to explore the scope of their work, and if you are interested, please engage with them!


The Intention Experiment 

The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far. Project Director Lynne McTaggart is producing the 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment in collaboration with many groups around the world and ONE The Event. See to participate.
For the 9/11 Global Peace Intention Experiment, tens of thousands of Arabs and Americans are joining together for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack on New York’s Twin Towers for a remarkable experiment: to discover whether their collective intention can bring greater peace to an area of conflict. The experiment is being monitored and measured by a team of scientists from the Universities of California, Arizona and Princeton.
Chief architect of the experiment is Lynne McTaggart, international bestselling author of The Intention Experiment and The Bond, who is enlisting tens of thousands of participants in the US and other Western countries and Arab cities in a symbolic gesture of peace in remembrance of the Twin Towers tragedy. McTaggart has partnered with Dr. Salah Al-Rashed, a Western-educated peace activist in the Arab World, whose Salam (Peace) Group has an enormous following throughout the Middle East.  
The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment will take place in a 20-minute period every day for eight days. As such it will replicate McTaggart’s 2008 Peace Intention Experiment, carried out on Sri Lanka, which showed a 74 per cent reduction of violence after the experiment and a demonstrable effect when studied through statistical time analysis.
Monitoring the effects will be a scientific team comprising University of Arizona psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz, University of St. Petersburg State University physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Roger Nelson, a psychologist formerly of Princeton University and director of the Global Consciousness Project, and Jessica Utts, a professor of statistics at the University of California at Irvine, widely regarded as an expert on statistical analysis of consciousness research.

Global Coherence Initiative and the Global Care Rooms 


A project of the Institute of HeartMath, the science-based Global Coherence Initiative has as its main goals:

  • uniting people around the world in sending heart-focused care to our planet to help heal it and usher in an era of unprecedented peace, harmony and love. This is facilitated by The Global Care Rooms, providing a place for like hearted individuals to unite in sending their heart focused care and intention. Individuals can participate in regularly scheduled, synchronized Care Focus sessions at the start of every full moon peroid and during times of great need such as natural disasters and social unrest.
  • measuring the impact of intention, thought and emotion on the earth’s geo-magnetic fields to prove that people and our planet are all interconnected and that large numbers of people intentionally focusing positive emotions and intentions while in a heart-coherent state can influence the earth’s energetic fields. GCI scientists are using advanced earth field sensing technology to measure resonances in the earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere. This allows scientific investigation of the relationships between the earth’s energetic field environment, collective human emotions, mass behaviors and planetary changes.


The Global Care Rooms are a project of the Global Coherence Initiative providing an online platform for periodic synchronous Heart Coherence Sessions. Care Rooms are also used for specific Focused Care events. The Global Coherence Initiative is sponsoring a One Becoming One Care Room for participation in the Moment of Love by anyone who wants to sign in and use the system, as well as regular participants in Care Rooms.

The Institute of HeartMath
The Institute of HeartMath is an a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds to bring more ease and flow into their daily life and the attainment of their goals. 


The Center for Subtle Activism 

The Center for Subtle Activism (CSA), affiliated with the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, is an action research center to advance the study and practice of subtle activism. The CSA is the home of the Gaiafield Project, which develops subtle activism principles, practices, and programs, and is co-creating a global network of subtle activists for social and planetary transformation. To learn more about upcoming subtle activism programs offered by the CSA and the Gaiafield Project, see

Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project is an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. Many synchronized meditation and prayer events register on the GCP network system, which will be monitoring the events on 9/11/11.


Common Passion

Common Passion is a global social collaborative of individuals and communities who share compassion as a common passion. Through the CP Portal, conscious individuals, groups and organizations unite to create a measurable impact through shared intention. Common Passion orchestrates global meditations and prayer events with all faith and wisdom traditions. Their mission is to create social and environmental harmony through science-based and faith-based applications of collective consciousness.


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