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Music Events (more headlines) 06-25-2009

Clarinetist Tale Ognenovski - Jazz Musician Of The Day: April 27, 2009 At AllAboutJazz.com

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Website: http://www.taleognenovski.com.mk/
All About Jazz celebrated Tale Ognenovski's birthday April 27, 2009, with All About Jazz recognition: Jazz Musician of the Day - April 27, 2009
Tale Ognenovski was born in the village of Brusnik near Bitola in the Republic of Macedonia on April 27, 1922.

All About Jazz recognition: Jazz Musician of the Day - April 27, 2009 was announced at http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/news.php?id=34707 All About Jazz

Ognenovski is the greatest clarinetist, reed piper, zourlist and small bagpiper of all time, demonstrating unique skill, a wealth of invention, amazing improvisational virtuosity and outstanding musical competence in all areas of music. He is one of the greatest composers in the world of music. Tale Ognenovski is known across the globe for his virtuosic performances. He has composed and arranged 150 Macedonian folk dances, one classical concert “Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1”, and 12 jazz compositions. Some of his compositions have been recorded on 11 LPs, 11 cassettes, 10 gramophone records, 3 CD Albums and one videotape (Radio Television Belgrade, Serbia; Jugoton Zagreb, Croatia; Macedonian Radio Television, Republic of Macedonia and Independent Records, USA).

Their first tour was to Bulgaria (November and December, 1955), followed soon after by a tour throughout the United States of America and Canada (66 concerts, between January 22, 1956 and April 12, 1956). During the period July 1, 1956 and September 1, 1960, while employed by Ensemble “˜Tanec”, he toured Germany (74 concerts, from August 15, 1956 until October 27, 1956 and September 18 and 19, 1959 in Dortmund), Albania (9 concerts, October, 1957), Romania (9 concerts, December, 1957 and January 1958), Switzerland (Berne, July 7 and 8 and Geneva, July 9 and 10, 1959) and France (83 concerts, from September 20 until November 25, 1959). He also toured with the Ensemble throughout the former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia, From 1960 to 1967, Tale Ognenovski worked with “Macedonian Radio Television. In 1966, Tale Ognenovski became Head of the “Folk Music Orchestra” of “Macedonian Radio Television”. In 1967 Tale Ognenovski retired, but he continued to play on an honorary basis in the “Chalgii” Orchestra on “Macedonian Radio Television” until 1979.

Tour of North America and Carnegie Hall concert
Ensemble “Tanec” was the first dance company from Yugoslavia (the former Yugoslavia) to perform in America.
Ensemble ˜Tanec’s North American tour was sponsored by International Artists in association with Charles E. Green and Lee V. Eastman.

TV debut of ˜Tanec” on CBS
˜Tanec’s American tour began with their debut on one of the most popular television programmes in the United States, the Ford Foundation TV Programme “OMNIBUS”, on January 22, 1956. This programme was seen by millions of Americans. This TV debut of ˜Tanec” on CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) Television Network, created great interest in all 66 concerts in many towns throughout the United States.

North American press
Parts of the articles in the newspapers which are related for performances of Tale Ognenovski as virtuoso clarinet and reed pipe soloist with Ensemble Tanec:
Tanec’s sixty-six performances in North America attracted much attention in the North American press:

“The forty-member group, which has attracted much attention in Europe, will give a recital in Carnegie Hall on Friday evening...The company will perform folk dances from Macedonia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia in native costume.” From an article entitled “Choreographic Vigor from Macedonia”, The New York Times, January 22, 1956.

“There are some winning songs, too, and some remarkable music on both orthodox and unorthodox instruments - a raucous and unforgettable pipe… “ From an article entitled, “Ballet: Yugoslav Folk Art ‘Tanec’ Dancers Appear at Carnegie Hall in Display of Tremendous Skill", written by John Martin, The New York Times, January 28, 1956.

“In the past we have had some interesting concerts from the East and West but none of them had been as successful and been so well-received by the public as the Yugoslav Folk Ballet ‘Tanec’. Venerable Carnegie Hall fairly vibrated as the audience blistered its palms in appreciation..." From an article written by Robert Coleman, The New York Daily Mirror, January 28, 1956.

“Last night this Yugoslav National Folk Ballet preluded a transcontinental tour at Carnegie Hall... This is the freshest, gayest, most expert dance affair that has come over the horizon in years. We have been afforded many novelties from the Orient and the Occident but none of them won a more enthusiastic reception than the Yugoslav National Folk Ballet." From an article written by William Hawkins, New York World Telegram, January 28, 1956.

“Tanec, a Macedonian group of some forty dancers and musicians, gave generously of their rich folk heritage... An audience which jammed Carnegie to capacity (the house had been sold out by last Monday) cheered and applauded the folk dancing with as much enthusiasm as if it had been witnessing classical, theatrical ballet at its most glittering." From an article entitled ‘Yugoslav Folk Ballet,’ written by Walter Terry, The New York Herald Tribune, January 28, 1956.

“...The Yugoslav National Folk Ballet, which spent the week-end in the Civic Opera house, is a fair sample...Called Tanec, which is the Macedonian word for dance, this group of 37 dancers, singers and musicians is a kaleidoscope of the Balkans,..When five of them dance the “Sopska Poskocica," which apparently just means they are showing off to the girls. I would keep them any day as a unfair trade for the four little swans in “Swan Lake…" From an article written by Claudia Cassidy and entitled “On the Aisle - Yugoslav Ballet a Colorful Addition to International Dance.", Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, February 6, 1956.

“...Clarinet, bass fiddle, violin, drums, guitar and flute provided most of the accompaniments in various combinations...This is the first visit of Tanec to America, but undoubtedly not its last." From an article written by Samuel Singer entitled “Yugoslav Ballet Visits Academy", The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 8, 1956.

“… A Sopska Poskocica is devised to show the girls how handsome and wonderful and brilliant and exciting and sensational their man friends are.... “ From an article written by Paul Hume and entitled “Yugoslav Dancers Shoot the Works", The Washington Post and Times Herald, February 10, 1956.

“.... Tanec has had a warm welcome here, and it must assure considerable interest in other artistic exports that may come this way from Yugoslavia." From an article written by John Kraglund, entitled “Music in Toronto", The Globe and Mail, February 14, 1956.

“The music itself - including several indigenous instruments - is worth the price of the show, and never more so than in a number titled simply “Macedonian Tune," which in its intricate rhythms and plaintive melody should at least make Dave Brubeck send out an emergency call for Darius Milhaud..." From an article written by R. H. Hagan, entitled “Yugoslav Ballet Proves Folk Dancing ‘Tricky’", San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, March 8, 1956.

“ For authentic folk dancing, wild and free and yet subject to its own intricate disciplines, this group would be hard to beat …” From an article written by Albert Goldberg, entitled “Yugoslav Folk Ballet Opens Engagement", Los Angeles Times, March 13, 1956.

“A hundred years ago on the rugged roads of Macedonia, bands of brigands used to plunder the caravans of rich merchants and, like Robin Hood, pass on some of their spoils to the poor... this spring, the Yugoslav National Folk Ballet is making a first, and highly successful tour of the U.S...Together they make as vigorous a display of dancing as the U.S. has ever seen." From an article in Life magazine, USA, entitled "Dance, Bouncing Brigands, Yugoslavs come to U.S.", April 9, 1956.

Tour of France
Tale Ognenovski was clarinet and reed pipe soloist with Ensemble “Tanec” during their tour of France from September 20 until November 25, 1959. They performed 83 concerts in 58 towns and cities. They performed with success to full houses everywhere. The Ensemble twice had performances broadcast on television, on September 21 and 22, 1959. 20 million people would have seen them on the most popular programme on French Television. Radio Paris recorded a 45-minute programme of Macedonian folk dances and songs. The Manager of Ensemble 'Tanec's tour of France was Mr Raymond Guillier, also Director of his own company 'Les grands spectacles internationaux Les productions Raymond Guillier', Paris. He specialized in managing international shows in Paris.

France press
“Everyone in the audience applauded as if they were four people, and the Macedonian National Ballet left a great impression in Bourges... Tanec is the name of this group who have won over the audience. The quality and talent of this group is admirable...This is the first time that they have performed in France... At the end of their concert, the members of Ensemble 'Tanec' remained on stage and were applauded by the Bourges audiences for more than qoute of an hour.” The above comes from an article, entitled “Hier soir au GRAND-PALAIS BRILLANTE “PREMIERE” des Ballets de Macedoine” (”Yesterday evening in GRAND-PALAIS Brilliant first performance of National Ballet of Macedonia.”), that appeared in the newspaper 'Le Berry Republicain' in Bourges, France, on September 24, 1959.

“The first performance of the National Ballet of Macedonia was a tremendous success. Everyone in the hall applauded with enthusiasm, here in the 'Grand Palais' in Bourges at the first performance in France of the National Ballet of Macedonia... The first performance in Bourges was a spectacle...The members of the National Ballet of Macedonia arrived four days ago in Paris and have been shown on television...” This is from an arcticle entitled “Hier soir a Bourges, La “premiere” nationale des Ballets de Macedoine a remporte un enorme succes” (Yesterday evening in Bourges, The first national Ballet of Macedonia achieved tremendous success.”). It was published in the newspaper “La nouvelle republique du Centre”, Bourges, France on, September 24, 1959.

Macedonian press
“Everyone who went to the concerts by Ensemble 'Tanec' in Paris and other towns and cities in France during the tour in 1959 of a little over two months was fascinated. Yes, audiences opened wide their hearts and didn't think anything of their hands while applauding your folk dancers. What 'Tanec' is playing in the spirit of Macedonia, believe me no other Ensemble in the world can perform. All great professional Ensembles in the world possess something special. Your girls and boys put their whole heart into the dance. I'll tell you why I think this is so. I know that the clarinetist Tale (Tale Ognenovski) after every concert played clarinet solos and amused us well into the early hours. This hasn't been the case with any other member from any other Ensembles. I want to present Tanec every year to the people of my country...” said Raymond Guillier (Director of his own company, 'Les grands spectacles internationaux Les productions Raymond Guillier, Paris”) Manager of international exhibitions in Paris, France. The above appeared in an article entitled 'Your dance fascinates me....', written by M. Georgievski, and published in the newspaper 'Vecher', Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on September 14, 1964.

CD album entitled” Jazz, Macedonian Folk Dances and Classical Music” Label: Independent records, USA. (Catalog: IR04542, 2001) includes: 3 Jazz compositions, 6 Macedonian Folk dances and Classical Music, all composed by Tale Ognenovski. Tale Ognenovski is soloist on clarinet, reed pipe, small bagpipe and zourla.

Amazon.com Customer CD Review
Reviewer: Erika Borsos
World-class Jazz Compositions & Traditional Macedonian Folk, April 24, 2004
“If the traditional music of the Balkans appeals to you and you like improvisational jazz ... this CD will blow you away... Tale Ognenovski has over 45 years of experience creating music on the clarinet, the main instrument on which he demonstrates technical expertise and artistry. His musical innovations and improvisations shine on this magnificent CD proving great music has no borders or politics. The traditional Macedonian folk tunes and melodies, "Brusnichko Oro", "Nevenino Oro, "Bukovsko svadbarski oro", and "Talevo kasapsko oro" are my favorites because the minor scale and unusual rhythms allow for highly fluid and lyrical melodic interpretation... “

MOZART and OGNENOVSKI Clarinet Concertos to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Audio CD entitled entitled: “MOZART and OGNENOVSKI Clarinet Concertos” Label: Independent records, USA. (Catalog: IR37223, January 24, 2006). CD album includes: Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Allegro, Adagio and Rondo - Allegro all composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and arranged by Tale Ognenovski and Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1 composed and arranged by Tale Ognenovski. Tale Ognenovski arranged parts of the Mozart's clarinet concerto for two clarinets. Tale Ognenovski performed the Concerto on a standard-range A clarinet (Buffet Crampon). Clarinet solo parts of this recording are performed according to Breitkopf & Hartel edition (Publisher’s no.: Nr. 2300). Perhaps this is unique recording where every notes of measure numbers III/311-313 from the Third movement: Rondo: Allegro are played by Tale Ognenovski exactly as they are written in Breitkopf & Hartel edition. (Time: 09:29 – 09:34 in this recording).

Amazon.com Customer CD Review
Mozart Born Anew! Outstanding Musical Interpretation..., April 13, 2006
Reviewer: Erika Borsos
“This reviewer is familiar with the three B's of classical music: Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms and can distinguish their styles, one can *now* add a fourth "B" which stands for "Balkan" as played by Tale Ognenovski ... Mr. Ognenovski plays Mozart with his own inimitable personal style making the classical music take on mysterious and exotic characteristics and overtones... Ognenovski explodes with passion as he performs his own "Tale Ognenovski Concerto for Clarinet No. 1" ... The labyrinthine musical pathways he creates are enormously pleasing to the listener. The pentatonic scale and odd metered rhythms of Macedonia awaken the listener to new vistas of musical excitement and enjoyment. Anyone who loves jazz improvisation and the sounds of the clarinet will immediately recognize the superior creativity, breath control and complete mastery of this instrument as played by Mr. Ognenovski...”

CD entitled entitled: “Macedonian Clarinet Jazz Composed By Tale Ognenovski” Label: Independent records, USA. (Catalog: IR 38824, September 2, 2008). Tale Ognenovski composed and arranged all 12 tracks: Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. This CD Album feature the Ognenovski performing with his current quartet: Tale Ognenovski on clarinet, reed pipe, zourla, small bagpipe and drum, his son Stevan Ognenovski on reed pipe and drum, his grandsons: Nikola Ognenovski on reed pipe and Kliment Ognenovski on reed pipe.

Amazon.com Customer CD Review
Original, Artistic, Creative, Enjoyable, October 9, 2008
Reviewer: Erika Borsos
I am a fan of the clarinet and was absolutely blown away by the beautiful music on this CD. I have all the CDs produced by this fabulous clarinet player from Macedonia…Tale Ognenovski uses the most intricate Western playing techniques and combines them with exotic Balkan stylizations creating a pure and genuine new dimensional sound. The listener's spirit soars, dances and flies with pleasure and anticipation gliding on every note and musical phrase. Besides the astonishing clarinet playing, Tale Ognenovski is also a master player of the reed pipe, small bagpipe, zourla and drums which add more flavor and spice to the original, creative, and artistic clarinet music on this CD...”

Tale Ognenovski at YouTube
Tale Ognenovski Clarinet Solo - Brusnichko Oro Macedonian Folk Dance,

Tale Ognenovski Clarinet Solo - Bukovsko Svadbarsko Oro Macedonian Folk Dance,
Tale Ognenovski plays Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622: Allegro,

Tale Ognenovski Concert for Clarinet No. 1 - Macedonian Classical Clarinet Solo,

Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 1 - Macedonian Jazz Clarinet Solo,

Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 6 - Macedonian Jazz Clarinet Solo,

Tale Ognenovski Jazz Composition No. 7 - Macedonian Jazz Clarinet Solo,

Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major K.622 Rondo Allegro: Tale Ognenovski, Clarinet

Book entitled: “Tale Ognenovski, Virtuoso of the Clarinet and Composer” written by Ognenovski Stevan, M.Sc.(2000) Publishing house is Matica Makedonska, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia;ISBN 9989-48-312-4; 406 pages (format A4). The book is published in both Macedonian and English.

1. On October 11, 1948 Tale Ognenovski received his First Award as the best clarinetist of 'First Republic of Macedonia Festival of Folk Dances and Songs' (11 October, 1948). 453 Folk dances and songs groups competed in the festival in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
2. Tale Ognenovski won First Award at the Yugoslav (Former Yugoslavia) Folk Music Festival in Opatija, Croatia, September 9-12, 1951, together with another 11 members of the Folk Dance Ensemble from the Bitola village of Nizhopole. This was out of 85 folk dance groups from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia. The Yugoslav (Former Yugoslavian) Folk Music Festival in Opatija had been specially arranged for the members of the Conference of the International Folk Music Council (IFMC - The International Folk Music Council' was established in 1947 in London, UK).
3. “Estradna nagrada Jugoslavije” (”Yugoslavian Stage Award”), the greatest award in former Yugoslavia for musical stage artists, from the Association of Stage Artists of Yugoslavia, Zagreb, Croatia, October 31, 1978.
4. “Pochesna Estradna Nagrada na Makedonija” (”Macedonian Stage Award with Honours”), the greatest award in the Republic of Macedonia for musical stage artists, from the Association of Stage Artists of Macedonia, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, May 27, 1996.
5. “Lifetime Achievement Award - “10 Folk Biseri” (”The Ten Folk Pearls”), sponsored by Macedonian Radio Television, February 19, 2002.
6. "Radio Ros Award", December 7, 2000.
7. “11 October Award”. Tale Ognenovski won top honors on October 11, 2003 at Macedonian Parliament as the Winner of 11 Oktomvri Award, the highest and the most prestigious national award in Republic of Macedonia.

For more info visit Website

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