1990 Harvey Award Winners

Best Writer

Gilbert Hernandez for Love & Rockets
[ Fantagraphics ]

Best Artist

Mark Schultz for Xenozoic Tales
[ Kitchen Sink Press ]

Best Cartoonist

Chester Brown

Best Continuing or Limited Series

Love & Rockets
[ Fantagraphics ]

Best New Talent

Jim Lee

Best Single Issue or Story

Eightball #1
[ Fantagraphics ]

Special Award for Excellence in Presentation

Arkham Asylum
[ DC ]

Best Anthology


Best Graphic Album

Ed the Happy Clown

Best Inker

Al Williamson

Best Colorist

Steve Oliff

Best Letterer

Ken Bruzenak

Best New Series

[ Fantagraphics ]

Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation

The Comics Journal

Special Award for Humor

Sergio Aragones

Best Foreign Reprint


Best Domestic Reprint

The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland

Best Syndicated Strip or Panel

Calvin and Hobbes

Jack Kirby Hall of Fame

Steve Ditko and Alex Toth