Welcome to La Norte, home of some of the loudest, craziest fans in the USA.  We proudly support D.C. United and the USA National Team.  Though we come from all over the world, from many different backgrounds, our passion for DC United and the USA truly brings us together.


Originally our home was in section 120 of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington D.C. However, due to baseball, the stadium had to be adjusted and we were forced to move to section 118. Stating in the 2011 season however, we are going to be moving to section 128 where we hope to continue the La Norte tradition!


After receiving many convincing conversations from many people to start a new fan club, Carlos Arze, Sandro Trigo, Bruce Ellisen, Patrick Davila, Chris Meador and Will executed the idea. La Norte = Northside was born.

To initiate the fan club, the guys first formed a board of directors and set the first meeting on October 28, 2000 at Maryland University.  The board of directors agreed to hold a meeting once a week till the season began.  Within that time period, plans to promote through radio, Internet, and fliers, and to obtain flags, banners, drums, and members were discussed and implemented.  

The long awaited day that gave La Norte = Northside its exposure to the United family was on April 7, 2001.  We were warmly welcomed by many people and organizations affiliated with DC United.  The tradition of La Norte = Northside had begun.

In La Norte’s brief history, we have made many roadtrips to Richmond, Maryland, New Jersey, Chicago, Columbus, New England, and Los Angeles. We have sang and jumped at every home game for 90 minutes. We have been complemented by many organizations such as 1540am, http://www.unitedmania.com, Radio America, El Tiempo Latino, Even In On, etc. and have been recognized by DC United as an official affiliate. La Norte is a mainstay of the United family and would like to invite you and your friends to experience the sport of being a true fan. 


To fill the entire section and then some with with die hard DC United fans dressed in red, white and black who will sing and jump an entire game.  We want to be the "solution for DC United fan anxiety". For years to come, you can expect us to continue our festive ways in section 128.  While we do everything possible to follow our mission statement, we feel it is important to also have an outline of how we present ourselves in the stands.  We agreed to simply emulate the best soccer fan clubs in the world (Specially Europe). In other words, you can expect La Norte to sing for 90+ minutes for every match.  The songs sung in our section have all been agreed upon and rehearsed.  You can also expect to see everyone in our section standing or jumping.  Whoever does not sing and remains seated will be asked to leave the section.   


The fiesta in our section actually begins before we even get to our section (normally an hour before kick off).  The festivities begin in parking lot 8, where we gather to unfold our flags, tune our drum, and have a toast for good fortune before we enter the stadium as a group.  As we enter the stadium, we sing, jump, and hold the DC United banner up high as we walk towards our section.  During the game, the party continues with chants and jumping. When a goal is scored, we celebrate by screaming “GOOOOAAAAAL!” and toss TP, (toilet paper) streamers, and confetti towards the pitch. When the game is over, winners or not, we exit the stadium the same way we came in: singing and jumping. We invite you to help accomplish our mission.  Come experience the sport of being a true fan, a true supporter, a true "hincha".  


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