Sex and the City for the Younger Set: Gossip Girl Coming to CW

Kristen Bell of the recently axed Veronica Mars series won't be without a job for very long. As Entertainment Weekly exclusively reported today, Bell will be featured on the CW's upcoming hot new drama, Gossip Girl, as the voiceover narrator.

The Gossip Girl television series is based off of the best-selling teen book series of the same name by Cecily Von Ziegesar, which features the life of well-to-do Manhattan teens. From private schools to summers in the Hamptons to outrageously expensive shopping sprees, Gossip Girl gives us a glimpse into live of the Big Apple's most happening teens. But it's not just spending money and partying at NYC's hottest clubs for these girls (and guys), there's also loads of hookups, heartbreaks, and down-and-dirty cat fights.

CW hasn't officially revealed where the show will fall in the schedule, but either way this show is sure to be a hit. It's like Sex in the City for the younger set, although college students and even some adults will be tempted by the show's fashionable allure. Gossip Girl will air this fall, and is rumored to be placed in the 9pm Wednesday slot following Top Model. Stay tuned for the latest coverage.

Source: ET