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International Internet Preservation Consortium
2011 General Assembly
May 9 - 13, 2011


Monday 09 May 2011 - Out of the Box: Building and Using Web Archives - Open to the public. Registration has closed.
Location: Auditorium Time Remarks
Coffee 9:00am
Welcome & review agenda for the day   Bas Savenije, KB general director &
Hilde van Wijngaarden, KB
Collection Treasures    
Online Revolutions in the Arabic World: Event Harvesting in Perspective
Bibliotheca Alexandrina (pdf)
National Library of France, Internet Archive, Library of Congress (pdf)
9:40am Magdy Nagi, Bibliotheca Alexandrina;
Gildas Illien, BnF; Abbie Grotke, Library of Congress
National Library of the Czech Republic Web Archives (pdf) 10:00am Lukas Gruber & Zuzana Kratochvilova, Czech National Library
De Digitale Stad (The Digital City) (pdf) 10:20am Tjarda de Haan, Amsterdam Museum
Capturing the documentary heritage of a national disaster : the National Library of New Zealand’s response to the Canterbury Earthquake (pdf) 10:40am Gillian Lee, National Library of New Zealand
Coffee break 11:00am  
Commercial Web Archives 11:30am Mark Williamson, Hanzo Archives
Web Archiving Short Stories 11:50am 5 minutes each
What does Web Archive Switzerland have in common with Swiss cheese? (pdf)   Barbara Signori, Swiss National Library
Croatian Web Archive: practice and experiences in collecting Croatian web resources (pdf)   Karolina Holub, National and University Library in Zagreb
Grow Your Own Diamonds: Increasing value of the KB web archive (pdf)   Sophie Ham, KB
The British Library website in the UK Web Archive (pdf)   Helen Hockx-Yu, British Library
Sites to Remember: Archiving websites at the Municipal Archives of Rotterdam (pdf)   Vincent Robijn, Municipal Archives of Rotterdam
Web archiving of the vaccine related resources: for current and future users (pdf)   Heejung Kim, International Vaccine Institute
Archiving the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (pdf)   Tracy Seneca, California Digital Library
K12 Web Archiving (pdf); Video: America's Young Archivists   Abbie Grotke, Library of Congress
Lunch 12:30pm  
The Use of Web Archives    
Researchers and the Future(s) of Web Archives
Draft report for comment (pdf) until 4 June 2011
1:45pm Eric Meyer, Arthur Thomas & Ralph Schroeder, Oxford Internet Institute
Coffee break 2:45pm  
Researchers at the BL and the UK Web Archive (pdf) 3:15pm Helen Hockx-Yu, British Library
Mapping the Dutch Blogosphere with the Internet Archive (pdf) 3:30pm Anne Helmond & Esther Weltevrede, Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam
HyperText Corpus Initiative: how to help researchers sieving the web? (pdf) 3:45pm Paul Girard, médialab Sciences Po
Researcher - Curator Discussion 4:00pm Chair, Martha Anderson, Library of Congress
Curators: Cathy Hartman, University of North Texas; Birgit Nordsmark Henriksen, The Royal Library of Denmark
Researchers: Esther Weltevrede & Anne Helmond, Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam; Paul Girard, médialab Sciences Po
Adjourn day one, reception 5:00pm  


Tuesday 10 May 2010 - IIPC General Assembly - Current members only
Location: Auditorium    
Coffee 9.00am  
Welcome & Steering Committee Update (pdf) 9:30am Sean Martin, British Library, Chair of the IIPC Steering Committee
Program Officer Report (pdf) 9:45am Aaron Binns, Internet Archive, Program Officer of the IIPC
Communications Officer Report (pdf) 10:00am Abigail Potter, Library of Congress, IIPC Communications Officer
Treasury Report 10:15am Gildas Illien, BnF, IIPC Treasurer
New Member Presentation: Bibliotheca Alexandrina 10:30am Youssef Eldakar, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Coffee break 10:45am  
Working Groups Reports 11:15am  15 mins each
Harvesting Working Group (pdf)    
Preservation Working Group (pdf)    
Access WG (pdf)    
Memento Update 12:00pm Robert Sanderson, Los Alamos National Lab
Lunch 12:30pm  
For Further Discussion - breakouts    
Track 1: OII Workshop 1:30pm Location: Auditorium
Track 2: Memento Technical Workshop 1:30pm Location: Room B/C
Member Demonstrations and Reports 3:00pm 10 minutes each
WARC Tools Update   Mark Williamson, Hanzo Archives
PWG Risks Assessment Demo (pdf)   Andrea Goethals, Harvard University
Adjourn day two 3:30pm  
Depart for Keukenhof, the flower exhibition 4:00pm  Pre-registration is required


Wednesday 11 May 2010 - IIPC General Assembly
Coffee 9.00am  
Member Demonstrations and Reports 9:30am 10 minutes each
Advocacy & Outreach Task Force Recommendations overview (pdf)   Martha Anderson, Library of Congress
Full text searching with SOLR   British Library
Harvesting Best Practices Report Update (pdf)   Michaela Mayr, Austrian National Library
JHOVE2 (pdf)   Clément Oury, BnF
De-Duplication project & Nutchwax Multi-lingualization (pdf)   Masaki Shibata, National Diet Library, Japan
Start Concurrent WG meetings 10:30am See WG Agendas
Harvesting Working Group   Location: Room B/C
Access Working Group   Location: Room A
Preservation Working Group   Location: Boardroom
Coffee break 11:00am  
Concurrent WG meetings 11:30pm  
Lunch 1:00pm  
Joint Working Group Session - Quality Assurance 2:00pm  Location: Auditorium
Introduction   Aaron Binns, Internet Archive
Break-out groups on various QA topics 2:30pm  
Coffee break 3:00pm  
Continuation of JWG or ad hoc project meetings 3:30pm continuation of joint working group or open time for ad-hoc meetings
Adjourn day three 5:00pm  
Buffet Dinner    


Thursday 12 May 2010 - IIPC General Assembly
Coffee 9.00am  
Member Demonstrations and Reports 9:30am 10 minutes each
ISO Standard Update (pdf)   Gildas Illien, BnF
Recollection Demonstration (pdf)   Abbey Potter & Gina Jones, Library of Congress
SCAPE (pdf)   Barbara Sierman, Dutch National Library
Concurrent WG Meetings 10:00am  (see room assignments and agendas above)
Coffee break 11:00am  
Concurrent WG Meetings 11.30am  (see room assignments above)
Closing the 2011 GA & Special Announcements (pdf) 1:00pm Aaron Binns, Program Officer
Location: Auditorium
Adjourn day four, end of the GA, lunch 1:30pm  
Steering Committee Meeting 2:00pm Location: Boardroom
Steering Committee Dinner Meeting 6:00pm  


Friday 13 May 2010 - IIPC GA - Workshop -Open to the Public
Pre-registration was required.
IIPC Web Data Mining & Analysis Workshop    Location: Auditorium
Coffee 9:00 am  
Data Mining & Analysis Overview (pdf)   Bradley Tofel, Internet Archive
Tool Stack (pdf)   Vinay Goel, Internet Archive
Workshop adjourned 5:00pm  
Workshop Description: On Friday, the IIPC will host an all day, hands-on, technical workshop (bring a laptop if you have one!) to explore web data mining and analysis efforts amongst our members in partnership with extended research communities and commercial sectors, globally. The attendees who commit to participate will be directly involved in shaping the agenda and focus for the day. If you register to attend, please plan to be prepared to weigh in with your priorities. The Internet Archive and University of North Texas has volunteered to assemble a "public" data set in a Hadoop cluster housed by IA in northern California that will be used for experimentation and demonstration of infrastructure, tools, scripts and other resources during the workshop. The areas of focus could include the research and operational tasks of text mining, link and web analysis and graphing, automated QA of crawled data sets, proximity analysis, and/or auto- classification of web resources among others to be proposed. Not all of these use cases will be illustrated by IA and UNT. We hope the community in attendance can come together to build a robust program to explore efforts of most significant interest and importance to those in attendance.

Suggested Accommodations & Logistics Information

Hosted by the IIPC and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek(KB). All meetings will take place at the KB in The Hague.

Information about hotels (pdf)
How to get to the KB
Information about The Hague


Abigail Potter, IIPC Communications Officer

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