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Encyclopædia Britannica to supply world-leading educational apps to Intel AppUp℠ center

20 July 2011

Encyclopædia Britannica will develop its world-leading educational apps with Intel for distribution on the Intel AppUp℠ center.
From today, nine titles in the Britannica Kids Apps series will be available for download on Windows-based, Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Core™ processor-based netbooks and laptops.
All of the apps are created for children aged 8 – 12 and contain Britannica’s expert and curriculum-based content. They are fully interactive, offering a range of articles, games, videos and photos and are specifically designed to help children with homework, projects and exams.
The collaboration between Encyclopædia Britannica and Intel comes as research reveals the benefits of educational apps. The study, commissioned by Encyclopædia Britannica, reveals that two in five parents (40 percent) who download educational apps say their child’s academic performance has improved as a result of using them.
Encyclopædia Britannica launched the Britannica Kids Apps programme in September 2010 as a series of three apps, but has subsequently expanded to comprise: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, the Aztec Empire, Knights & Castles, Dinosaurs, Rainforests, Snakes, Volcanoes and the Solar System.
The Intel AppUp center is an application storefront for consumer netbooks and laptops. The store collects and categorizes validated applications for consumers so apps are easy to find, download and install.
Diane Franklyn, Director of Consumer Markets at Encyclopædia Britannica said: “Technology is rapidly changing the way in which we educate our children. And as this technology and software develops, we need to find new and innovative ways to inspire and excite the next generation of learners.
Britannica is proud to be at the forefront of driving this process through our educational app programme. We are committed raising educational standards across the globe and we’re delighted to be working with Intel to provide our educational apps to a whole new generation of learners, via the Intel AppUp center.
Scott Apeland, director of the Consumer Services Division said: “Intel is incredibly excited to see learning taken to the next level with educational apps on Intel AppUp center. Working with Encyclopædia Britannica for the first time ever, we can deliver apps for netbooks and laptops with enhanced interfaces and unique educational features such as expertly-sourced articles, engaging games, interactive puzzles and challenging quizzes. Families can also evaluate an app on a trial basis to avoid being charged if it is not completely satisfactory to make sure they only pay for apps that are exactly what they want.

Notes to editors:

About Encyclopædia Britannica:
Britannica was founded in Edinburgh in 1768 at the height of the period of European history known as the “Enlightenment”. Its aim was to publish clear, current and correct information, based on a scientific approach to knowledge.
It is the most comprehensive and oldest continuously published reference work in the English language and is revered worldwide for its editorial integrity. Britannica strives to help its users become confident global citizens, by delivering expert and up-to-date knowledge and being global leaders in providing a source for life-long learning.
Encycloppædia Britannica (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of Encycloppædia Britannica Inc. who are leading providers of learning and knowledge products. Britannica is proud to be one of the world's most trusted sources of information.
In 2011 Encyclopædia Britannica was named as one of the UK’s most respected brands in the annual Consumer Superbrand Survey. Britannica was one of only eight media reference companies to make the top 500 brands in the UK and was the only one to be listed in the top 50.
About Britannica Online & Mobile:
Today Encyclopædia Britannica has a larger and more diverse line of online and mobile products than ever before. Our outlook is shaped by our tradition of excellence and an understanding of what knowledge seekers need in the digital age.
Britannica's most comprehensive online product is Britannica Online Academic Edition, which delivers relevant, web-based content for further and higher education. It is continuously updated, revised and developed with new articles, allowing its users to research confidently with expert information and a host of research tools designed to support advanced study.
Beyond the Online Academic Edition, Britannica continues to develop an extensive range of online products aimed at all levels of the curriculum.
In 2002 Britannica introduced Britannica Online School Edition, a comprehensive reference and education service specially designed for primary and secondary schools. It has undergone several significant upgrades in the years since. Aspects of the product are available on the Guardian’s Teacher Resources site
In 2006 Britannica introduced Britannica Online Public Library Edition, delivering three products in one, including separate home pages for adults, students, and children. The product allows libraries to tailor the product to their patrons' needs.
In 2011 Britannica launched six titles in a series of educational mobile applications for children. The Ancient Romans, Ancient Egypt, Solar System, Volcanoes, Rainforests and Dinosaurs apps will be followed by a further 60 project-based programmes later in the year.
Image Quest was launched in January 2011 to provide one million digital images to universities, colleges and schools. Fully rights-cleared for educational use, Image Quest brings together collections from the National Geographic, Getty Images, and Oxford Scientific and many others, into an easy-to-use online portal.
For further information about Britannica and its products, please visit: http://www.britannica.co.uk/
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