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Simultaneous parallel departures for the first time ever in Russia


Moscow Domodedovo Airport now has achieved new development milestones: starting from December 17 2009 the airport operates simultaneous parallel departures from two independent runways. The procedure is in accordance to ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

The newly reconstructed Runway 1 and a high-technology infrastructure of Domodedovo aerodrome made it possible. Whole set of administrative and technical arrangements implemented by Domodedovo and Moscow ATC Centre was being supported by the Federal Air Navigation Authority of Russia (FANA).

Domodedovo now is the only airdrome in the Moscow Traffic Management Area with a prospect to operate independently two state-of-the-art runways which are spaced parallel for two kilometers apart.

Simultaneous parallel departures from two runways will ensure future increased capacity of the airdrome up to 90 movements per hour and punctuality of flights as well. Thus the needs of passengers and economy of the country for air traffic will be met.

Domodedovo is the largest airport of Russia and the Eastern Europe, the number-one Russian airport in terms of passenger traffic. Its share in general volume of passenger traffic in Moscow Traffic Control Area (TMA) makes 45,3 % (calculated for 9 months of this year). In 2008 Domodedovo airport provided services for 20,4 mln. passengers.

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