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If you're anything like us, you hate stale dependencies. Why run version 1.1.0 when you can get 1.2.0b2? The problem is keeping up-to-date. Well, no more! Add your favorite NuGet packages to your personalized feed and never miss another update (or follow the releases until a stable package is released).


Search NuGet Packages

On you can search NuGet package feeds directly. You will be able to see all the info from the official NuGet site, without ever leaving

Personalized Feed

Create your personalized feed containing your favorite packages. Login using your prefered OpenID provider to get started.

Public Feeds

In this section, you can follow one ore more public feeds. How about following all new releases of any NuGet package. Or what about following feeds from a specific developer only?

Visual Studio Add-in

With NuGet Feed for Visual Studio, you will be able to export all your referenced NuGet packages to Simply right-click the References folder and export directly to

Google Chrome Extension

Install the NuGet Feed extension in Google Chrome to add RSS links on The NuGet Feed Chrome Extension also works with your favorite Chrome feed extension, by adding an alternate URL to all package pages on