Sep 29 2011 12:19 PM ET

Lady Gaga announces that 'Marry the Night' will be the fifth single off 'Born This Way' -- Do you think it's the best choice?


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Paws up! Are you ready to dance? Last night it was announced the fifth single off Lady Gaga’s Born This Way would be fan favorite “Marry The Night.”

A release date hasn’t been set, but power piano ballad “Yoü And I“ is still in the Top 10, so it would make sense for her to wait a bit before officially putting “Marry The Night” out to radio. Then again, when has Gaga ever taken the conventional approach?

With the typical pop tracks from Born This Way already released — “Judas” and “Edge of Glory” — as well as her title anthem, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the album holds up on radio. Born This Way as a whole is lot less get-this-party-started than The Fame or The Fame Monster, and many tracks are more piano and electronic-driven, which doesn’t necessarily translate to Top 40.

Interestingly, “Marry The Night” was supposed to be the third single, coming out right when the album dropped in May. But Monster obsession with sneak previews of “Edge of Glory” changed Gaga’s mind.

I’m personally not crazy about the song (I was hoping the conventional-but-fun “Hair” or melodic and eerie “Bloody Mary” would make the cut), but this ode to NYC is probably her best option if she wants to release a club track.

And it may be half in German, but I still have my monster paws crossed for “Scheiße,” her high-heeled-and-blonde ode to feminism.

Take a listen to “Marry The Night” below:

Music Mixers: What about you? Excited for “Marry the Night” or were you hoping for another Gaga song to be Lucky Number 5? Any guesses on what the video will look like?

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  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • UGH

      Someone needs to point out to Gaga that the record is a turkey and she should move on to the next one.

      • Same

        The album was dead on arrival. This tranny is done.

      • e4ia

        It’s such a turkey that it’s sold millions of copies and had several hit songs with heavy airplay. Someone really needs to point this out to Gaga….

      • Ethan

        As turkeys go, it’s sold like 2 million copies in the US and more than 10 around the world. It’s spawned 4 top ten hits already. She was listed as the #11 most powerful woman in the world. At what point would you admit the album’s successful? Almost no artist in the world can do things like that.

      • PN

        I don’t see 2 million copies sold as a turkey. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe it hasn’t sold as big as The Fame, but it’s had several hits from it.

      • Tom

        I still like Bad Romance the best. Really catchy song.

      • RLS

        So agreed. It could sell 10 million records and still be an ill-conceived turkey. She needs to move on to the next CD. I’m not crazy about this one.

      • Lindsey

        All of her singles have been in the Top 10, and it is one of the 5 best selling albums of 2011!

      • Will

        “Marta must have clung to every moment, mentally counting each and every one of them, paying attention to continuity, which gives us not only life, but the sense of life, the one that makes us think and tell ourselves”
        Not true. “Edge of Glory,” “You and I,” and the album’s title track all hit the top ten, but “Judas” was a flop.

      • @Channing

        “Marry The Night” is feh. Why she doesn’t release “Government Hooker,” which could have some awesome remixes, is beyond me. But no one bothers to ask the gay—and the gay knows all.

      • @Channing

        The album has sold 8x million worldwide and hasn’t broken 2x million in the US yet, which—for an artist of this caliber and at this level of fame—isn’t great.

      • Well…

        It’s the second best selling record of the year. By “turkey” did you mean unequivocal success? The album is very diverse and has much more life in it yet. This single will lead nicely into the darker, more futuristic sounding club records Scheiße, Government Hooker, and Heavy Metal Lover.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Its not a good sign to be releasing a 7th or 8th song off an album that is only 3 months old. Her first album took over a year to have just 4.

      • sam

        it IS a turkey, not as in numbers sold, but as in quality.

      • m

        She’s not a tranny and using it as an insult is ignorant and offensive.

      • Tom

        Fame Monster had a different quality to it. More mass appeal. A strength in it’s ability to attract a wider audience of listeners, yet be definitively original in style and longevity; Fame Monster was a real trend setter not easily copied.

      • Jim

        DONE? Have you checked her sales…..most likely not….

      • AxisOfAwesome

        Want to know the real secret?

    • Tarc

      And America loves great stuff, too. It’s nice to have the selection.

      • Tiffany

        I love this song. Marry the Night has a FANTASTIC ending that makes me dance! Love it!

      • jess

        awesome choice!!!!..its actually one of the better songs off of the new album!…my sister who doesnt care for gaga, listened to this song and said it was the best she’d heard from gaga!!

      • Trisha

        I would love to see “Government hooker” released as a single

      • Mike

        @Tiffany–Yes, once that ending kicks in it’s impossible to sit still. MTN is a great choice for a single and a kick-ass opener for the album. Interesting that the author suggested “Hair” as a single–I think it’s easily one of the weakest tracks on the disc. I usually skip it.

    • asher

      @LOL – Wow, you are so cool pointing out that America loves crap on every single EW comments section! (eye roll)

      • Rod

        @asher – Jeez, you aren’t kidding. @LOL is quite the wordsmith. (BIG eye roll!)

      • Jeff C.

        and the more you idiots pay attention to LOL, the more LOL will continue to post.

      • asher

        @Jeff C. – I would normally agree with you, but I have seen LOL’s stupid post too many times and not said anything. Guess we all have our breaking points, even on an EW comments board!

      • Well get her..

        No ,LOL will continue to post his stupidness until he gets a**cancer and dies—slowly, and in great pain.

    • SXiPPY

      Um, no…beg 2 differ with the writer of this article. “Heavy Metal Lover” is the more club-ready track that would likely fare well on Top 40 radio, far better than the two tracks they suggested, let alone the new single chosen. Even “Government Hooker” or “Americano” would be a better choice than “Marry The Night” in keeping with what her fan base wants from her. I think the problem with this album’s singles was that the wrong songs were chosen to represent the album following the release of the title track . “Judas” and “You & I” could have totally gone without getting single treatment.

    • B!

      …Which explains why Katy is about to possibly break Michael Jackson’s #1 single record. But this post is about Lady Gaga, silly.

  • richard

    What about “The Greates Thing” with Cher…thought that was the next gaga song coming

    • Tiffany

      That is Cher’s song, and it will be on Cher’s album.

      • SS77

        It’s Gaga’s. She wrote it a long time ago and just recently gave it to Cher to record with Gaga.

  • DRG

    Just another excuse for EW to cover their obsession with this marginal “talent.” Lady Gaga sneezes EW is there. Lady Gaga takes an afternoon nap, read about it at EW. Lady Gaga has pizza for lunch read abut it a EW.

  • DRG

    Just another excuse for EW to cover their obsession with this marginal “talent.” Lady Gaga sneezes EW is there. Lady Gaga takes an afternoon nap, read about it at EW. Lady Gaga has pizza for lunch read abut it a EW. EW has become little other than her publicist.

    • Clete

      You certainly have a point. It seems that EW will find a celebrity and tell us everything that person does. For a while it was Kanye West, then Charlie Sheen, now Lady Gaga. Thank God, this obsession that EW has lasts only so long.

  • Rob

    Didn’t she just release You & I? Except for BTW the single, none of the following singles off the CD matched that success. I’m so glad her constant crowing about her own greatness seems to be more muted.

    • Lindsey

      All of her singles from BTW have reached the Top 10 on the Hot 100 chart.

      • Rich

        And all Katy Perry’s singles reach #1 on the Hot 100 chart. So is Katy Perry now 10 times better than Gaga????

      • Blonde South

        But none, aside from Born This Way, have really matched the success of her biggest singles from The Fame and The Fame Monster. However, if she wants to try to have another number 1 single, or at least a single with a bigger impact, Marry the Night is the obvious choice. I’m not sure it will go number 1, but I would say it’s the best single material from the entire album.

    • ttete

      I think it is more odd that she release 5 songs since May. Is her full album going to be out my next May.

      • ttete

        I meant is the rest of her songs on the album going to be released by next May.

      • Terusama

        ‘Born This Way’ (the single) was released back in February. Since she opted to release as much as 9 other singles off the album, it’s only natural that she’ll release one single in every two months.

  • D2

    Only songs worth a damn on the album are Scheibe and Government Hooker.

    • Luke

      Yes to Government Hooker. When it was leaked, that was the song that got me so excited about the album. Then Born This Way was released, I thought “meh”. Then Judas then Edge of Glory, then I realized that she just overhyped this album and it’s pretty generic. EXCEPT for Government Hooker.

      • Anda

        I really loved Edge of Glory until the last 45 seconds of the track when the cheesy sax solo comes in and it suddenly sounds like something from the 80′s. It would be such a good song without the sax.

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Anda: Did you just insult Clarence Clemmons? Hes the only good part of that vapid song!

      • Jennie

        @Anda – I totally agree! The sax solo would have been SOO much better as a guitar – love the song up until then…

      • @Channing

        Government Hooker is the best song on the album, except for Heavy Metal Lover. Edge of Glory is so all over the map and mediocre—and the whole sax thing is just… unnecessary.

      • Liv

        Totally agreed. The saxophone does not belong in a lady Gaga song regardless of who is playing it. It does sound like something straight from the 80′s and not in a good way.

      • Blonde South

        Government Hooker is alright, but I like Heavy Metal Lover and Marry the Night better.

      • Julie

        Government Hooker is probably the best on that album. And that german titled song was really dancey.

  • jfms777

    This is perhaps the weakest cut on the cd. I wish for “Hair” and “Bloody Mary,” too.

    • Teresa

      Wasn’t “Hair” already released as a single?

    • Blonde South

      Bloody Mary is an alright song, but it’s the worst choice for a single. It is not at all a radio friendly. Marry the Night is the best choice for her next radio single and the last one I see being a big hit from this album.

  • Paws Down

    Sounds a lot like the cheesy 90′s dance song, Rhythm is a Dancer

    • MultiPass

      If it bred with “Holding Out for a Hero” …I like “Fashion of his Love” as a single. Must just be me tho, no one else said that.

  • Oh

    I’m not Gaga’s biggest fan but I listened to the track and it’s a great pop/club track. I’m not a musical snob.. so no elitist, preconceived opinion will be included.

  • Madox

    The only single I’ve really liked off the album is “You and I”. The album as a whole isn’t that great in my opinion.

    • Brenda Barrett

      ITA. I love Gaga and loved every song on The Fame. The only really memorable song on the new CD is “You and I,” which I adore; the rest is meh.

  • e92

    What are you talking about??? This may be one of the many best songs off the album!!!I was not a fan of hers but after hearing the album I totally respect her as an artist!!!Most songs are inspirational and Mary the night is one of them!!!

  • Woot

    Bloody Mary is the best song on her album IMO. Her album is inconsistent (still good)… but damnit Bloody Mary is so good! Should have been her next single.

  • kane

    This will be a HUGE hit for her. I guarantee it!

    • gato

      I agree ! It is actually my fave Gaga song

  • Same

    Another flop for Flopga. Godtina, and Britsus bring the classics, and the hits. Both are #1 on Billboard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111

    • MIke

      WTF are these elementary school nicknames you’ve given these singers? How old are you?

      • Tom

        Half of the people on here posting are 13 years old. Ha ha ha ha ha

      • @Tom

        Couldn’t agree more! LOL!!!!!

    • Leslie

      Britus’s (aka Brintey’s) cd isn’t even in the TOP 100 cds on Billboard, much less #1! Gaga has had all of her singles reach the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    • asher

      @Same – Please go back to and blog with the other 12 year olds. Have any of you commentors here ever tried blogging over there? I swear you’d think no one over the age of 12 gets on that thing.

      • B

        You should dare to read some of the customer reviews in iTunes sometime then. Full of “OMG THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVARRRR I LUV THIS BAND BEFORE NE1 KNEW THEM LOL” nonsense. Makes you a little scared how many kids (or, heaven forbid it just be illiterate adults) have such unfettered access to posting online these days!

  • Jdean

    I think the best song on the album is “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)” but I think it’s way to unconventional to get played on radio. Then again, I never thought a rock anthem like “Yoü and I” would get radio play and I was wrong about that.

    • jess

      you are right…highway unicorn is one of the best songs and one of my favs from the album…i think it be great on the radio…its a great pop/dance song!

      • asher

        I love Highway Unicorn, hoping it is an eventual single.

      • Lisa

        Agreed! Best song on the CD :)

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