Gran Akuma 7/2/2010: Chucky T. Are you kidding me?

I was there. King of Trios - Night 2. I watched our dream of repeating as KOT champs go down the drain as Tadasuke rolled you up for the win. Three no-names from Osaka Pro made their names at the expense of F.I.S.T. I could have singled you out. Called you the weak link. Laid the blame at your feet. But I never did.

Photo by Scott Finkelstein

Don't go thinking that's because I'm a nice guy. I'm not. I kick people's teeth down their throats for fun. I've faced off against some of the best wrestlers the world has to offer. I know a weak link when I see one.

A lot has changed for F.I.S.T. since 2003. We went from tecnicos to rudos. We went from a duo to a trio. We've been champions and challengers. But one thing has never changed for us. The weak link has always been Icarus. I'm not trying to stir the pot, but let's get the record straight on that one.

Don't listen to that idiot Gargano.
Gran Akuma of F.I.S.T.


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