Vin Gerard 9/2/2010: I never knew it would be so easy!!!

It's funny to me how a few positive blog entries and doing a couple "cool" moves makes you stupid fans think The UnStable would EVER change.

Hang on to my every word (as if you have anything better to do with your wretched existence.)

The UnStable, now, has to prove ourselves. Now is our time to step up and show the world what we can do. How dominant we can be, and will be, once again.

Go post on your message board (I'm sure this will be edited by about how you could care less about anything I say, how much of a waste of time it was for you to read this blog entry. Just remember, when you come out to a CHIKARA show and pay your hard-earned money, you're paying not only to see the tecnicos... you're paying to see the UnStable beat the snot out of them. It's been a pleasure to waste your time.

Photo courtesy Zia Danger

Which brings me to this...

x STIGMA (13:49) Colin Delaney o

I get that its every man/woman for themself but...haha, what's that about?
Vin Gerard of the UnStable


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