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Islands are a technology to isolate sets of interacting objects. Specifically, islands are used to isolate projects and their contents to define an encapsulation boundary.

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Asynchronous Messaging

The asynchronous messaging model employed by Tweak is a carefully controlled threading model - it closely resembles event loop concurrency (such as found in the E-language).

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Players and Costumes

Players and costume describe the graphical entities in Tweak. The model combines the best from approaches like MVC and Morphic in an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful and flexible composition model.

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Language Extensions

Tweak uses a numer of language extensions to the base Squeak system. It comes with its own compiler which supports method annotations, positional arguments and matrix expressions.

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Projects are the Tweak equivalent of applications. Projects are self-contained entities which can be shared across the net, stored on disk, and run in- or outside of an authoring environment (and then some).

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Tile Scripting

One of Tweak's end-user programming interfaces is based on arranging tiles representing messages, rather than typing in source code. Thus, scripts can be created by direct manipulation without needing to know anything about programming languages.

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