APEC Study Centre


Designated by the Government of Canada as the APEC Study Centre in 1995, the Foundation produces research papers and commentary on priority issues for Canada’s involvement in the regional grouping. The Canadian Study Centre benefits from Canadian participation in the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council and the APEC Business Advisory Council. The centre is also supported by a research grants program administered by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

The Canadian Study Centre is part of the APEC Study Centre Consortium (ASCC), a regional network of 100 universities, research centres and centres of academic excellence across 20 APEC economies. Created in 1993, ASCs undertake research, disseminate information and facilitate discussion on APEC-related issues. An annual ASCC Conference is held in the APEC host economy for the year to provide an opportunity for academics and scholars to discuss their research and to identify areas for regional collaboration. For more information on the current activities of the ASCC, please click here.

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