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Healthy Places is under development; changes to functionality and structure may occur. However, subject to the disclaimer at the foot of the page, all content is current.  (June 2011)

Healthy Places focuses on legal areas that are new, interesting, often not fully understood, or, not recognised at all as having a potential impact on health in a local area. 

It highlights areas of law that have the potential to change local environments and encourage more active lifestyles and better diets, and to improve the health of a community.

Healthy Places is not a checklist of health measures for local communities to adopt; instead this site explains the operation of laws that could enable, or place limits on, local government and community activity that affects the healthiness of a place. 

Case studies are an important practical example of how others have used the regulatory environment to promote physical activity or healthy eating in their areas- shaping healthier places to live in. 

Healthy Places is continuously developing; if you would like to make any comments or suggestions please do so here.

Enabling Active Travel

Homepage Image Enabling
Walking and cycling through active travel provides opportunities for everyday physical activity.

Promoting Active Communities

Homepage Image Promoting
Healthy, active lives can be fostered through the creation of more activity-friendly places.

Access to Healthy Food

Homepage Image Access
For people to make healthy food choices, healthy food options need to be available and accessible. 

Case Studies

Homepage Image Case Studies
Practical examples of how law has been used to promote healthier local places 
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