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   08-17-2007 17:57
Police Found Guilty of Insulting Rape Victims

Seoul High Court ordered police officers in Miryang, South Gyeongsang Province, to pay 40 million won to two rape victims, and 10 million won to their mother, in compensation after the officers made abusive remarks to them when they reported the sexual assaults.

In 2004, 41 male high school students raped the three middle schoolgirls on multiple occasions. Two of the girls and their family filed a lawsuit against the police, claiming they made the victims feel ashamed and insulted during their investigation.

The police made public some of their personal details, and insulted the victims, saying, ``My hometown is Miryang, and you girls have brought disgrace on the city.''

A lower court had found the officers guilty of revealing the victims' personal information, and ordered them to pay 3 and 7 million won in compensation. But the high court said the insults were made as they were performing their duty and showed negligence in protecting the victims.

``Their insulting remarks were related to the performance of their duty and it is apparent that the victims felt ashamed,'' the court said.

``Protecting victims is more important when victims are minors. The police also violated the victims' human rights, as they made the girls point out their assailants in front of the boys despite the possibility of revenge attacks.''

노벨위원회 또 실수 ‘수상자 전화번호 몰라’

지드래곤 대마초 흡연 기소 유예

소송에 휘말린 뽀로로

국공립대 교수회 "일방통행식 국립대 개혁 반대"

인터넷 익스플로러 점유율 90퍼센트 밑으로 떨어지다.

"신장 3m 거인 발견" 네티즌 떠들썩

1조원짜리 최대우주망원경으로 찍은 사진 첫 공개

손학규 야권통합경선 패배 책임지고 사퇴 표명

바닷속 신비한 세계 블루홀

만취 40대, 외교부에 전화걸어 ‘병원에 폭탄 설치’

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