Kuwait Roller Shutters


Kuwait Roller Shutters

We are a UK manufacturer specialising in supplying Fire Resistant Roller Shutters (BS EN 1634-1) and Roller Shutters for export to Kuwait and around the World.

A wide variety of shutters are available for import to Kuwait coming direct from us at unbeatable prices. Our high quality Shutter products are used to protect Offices, Shops, Factories, Warehouses and other Public Buildings such as Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Nurseries, Health Centres, Colleges, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Swimming Baths, Gyms, Recreation Centres, Sports Halls and Prisons, so if you are located in Hawalli, Jaleeb, Kuwait City, Salmiya or South Kheetan then please call us. 
Kuwait Roller Shutter Exports
For further information on importing Roller Shutters in Kuwait we recommend that you give us a quick call. You will find our team helpful and knowledgeable.

UK Head Office: Tel: +44 161 272 9333 Fax: +44 161 272 9444

Although many companies supply Roller Shutters today, not all roller shutters are of the same quality. Westwood Security Roller Shutters from always made bespoke and are of the highest quality. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Please feel welcome to contact us over any matter that may occur to you. We are a friendly, approachable company and are more than willing to to help in any way.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors Kuwait

Kuwait Roller Shutters Options

Our roller shutters can be manually operated by hand, chain, or the ever popular electrical operation roller shutter, powered by a high quality tubular motor. Single or three phase operation. Roller shutter lath can be produced in gauges 0.7mm (22swg), 0.9mm (20swg), as standard we would use 6mm thick steel supporting steels and brackets with 3mm thick rolled guide channels, steel endlocks to keep curtain in alignment.

Westwood Security Roller Shutters and Fire Shutters

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