Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Hell of a job, Phil Griffin"

Big Journalism's Larry O'Connor details how MSNBC chief Phil Griffin has steered MSNBC into third place in The Cable Game, behind Fox and CNN.   Part of the reason for the plunge, of course, is the odious presence of Al Sharpton, whose bid for post-thug respectability may have seemed persuasive to limousine liberals in Manhattan, but not to even regular liberal viewers. It is they who are turning away from Sharpton at 6 pm ET.  And that's one of the reasons why MSNBC has drifted downward.   As O'Connor japes, "hell of a job, Phil Griffin."

In Griffin's defense, of course, Sharpton was a corporate must-hire, on orders from Comcast, which was grateful to Sharpton for helping to push through its acquisition of NBC-U.   And Sharpton won't be around for long; he'll be golden-parachuted into some new gig as a part-time contributor. Very part-time.  Just enough to keep him from picketing NBC HQ in New York or, even worse, Comcast HQ in Philadelphia.