October 26, 2008 Link Payday

We’re not quite on time yet, but we’re getting there. Welcome to your Link Payday for October 26, 2008, bringing you the best of the personal finance blogosphere over the last couple of weeks…

While I am a Geek, I don’t really want an Amazon Kindle (but many out there do!) check out this post by Julie at Frugal Shopping with Julie, who asks if you Need a Price Break on the Amazon Kindle?

One of my blogging buddies Ron over at The Wisdom Journal gives us some unpleasant news when he tells us SURPRISE! Your Identity May Have Already Been Stolen. While I’ve had some credit card fraud in the past, the cops and the credit bureau both didn’t believe it was identity theft. I certainly hope so!

Our old friend Kyle over at Rather-Be-Shopping takes the spirit by the horns and tells us how to Trick or Treat, Just Not at Full Price. I haven’t dressed up in years; not sure when I will again, but there will be a time, I’m sure!

My fellow cyclist Squawkfox brings us 15 Free Printable Home Inventory Worksheets from the Great White North. These are all Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files which makes them usable on almost all modern computers and can help you keep track of all kinds of household items. She also includes some tips, like making a video (that camcorder or digital camera can be of major use for this!).

Finally, My Two Dollars writes a post that’s really for me: It’s Health Insurance Open Enrollment Time–Choose Wisely. While I’m sure which health plan I’m choosing, I have to remember to add a bit of life insurance through the job too.

And that’s your Link Payday for October 26, 2008!

2 Responses to “October 26, 2008 Link Payday”

  1. Davidon 26 Oct 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Thanks for the mention, appreciate it!

  2. Squawkfoxon 27 Oct 2008 at 8:19 am

    Hey Ryan! Thanks so much for the linky love. I would like nothing more than to visit you for a bike ride in your area. So jealous.

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