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Play tents, where we aim to find you a great selection of play tents, play houses, pop up tents and even fishing shelters whatever  you are looking for you will be sure to find it right here. Kids play tents are a fun way to get involved with your kids; you can use a pop up play tent for easy storage or find a play house with your kid’s favourite character.

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There are so many to choose from, have a look at our pop up play tents and our play tunnels. We always have the best prices available in the USA with our price checker so you can be sure to find the right deal for you.

Here we have a great selection of play tents for girls we also have play tents for boys

We have now added a great selection of beach tents and have some useful information for you to have a look at. We also have a great collection of outdoor play houses whatever tent you are looking for you are sure to find it here! There are many different types of tent including theme play tents! We also have paddling pools, sandpits and ball pits.

When I say “theme play tent”, I am referring to tents featuring a certain theme, along the lines of a castle tent, a shop, an aeroplane, a bus and many different designs. These play tents are remarkable settings for stories, for instance medieval adventures or a mission in space.  Unleashing your child’s fantasy, they inspire him/her to speak. When a toddler speaks, they learn about speech. And the more they speak the better you child gets.

Give consideration to accessible space

Of course, the theme should be correct and the play tent needs to look nice. But where are you going to place it? Maybe In your child’s room or in the lounge? The tent will possibly not look that big within the large shop, but play tents are fairly gargantuan toys. You’ll find it a good idea to take the measurements and check at home if it will shape into the room. You don’t want to find later that there is no more space to walk when you set the play tent up, and even worse, that it’s too big. You need to get a play tent of a size that permits you to set it up and leave it there. Setting it up on every occasion your youngster needs to play with it may be quite annoying. Pop up play tents are a great idea if you would like to store your play tent away until next playtime.

Give consideration to quality

An inexpensive play tent is not essentially bad, but it could be of lesser quality than a costlier one. If it really is simply used inside, otherwise you anticipate your child to only play with it for a year, and your child is one who looks after things, this could be fine. However in case your little one is a bit rough, and the play tent is likely to face quite a few years of boisterous play, then it’s going to be better to invest a bit more and purchase a greater quality and more sturdy tent.

girls play tent

Let your youngster choose

Of course, your child won’t think of all the issues we just talked about, and also you must assist him/her decide a really good play tent. But involving your youngster in the buying method can do wonders; find a tent that would become loved. If your child is a bit older, you are able to attempt to explain about matters for instance like quality and size. Otherwise, it really is a good idea to take a look at numerous really good selections and then let your youngster choose amongst those.

we hope you have found some interesting play tents here, please have a good look around and we hope you find something for your child’s needs. Thanks again for looking at our site please come back soon! Have a look at our camping tents for your big adventure!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our site, we hope you find what you are looking for, this website is growing all the time so please keep checking back with us. We have just added some childrens furniture!

Haba Blossom sky room tent review:

This is a great tent! My two daughters play in it every day. It is very easy to set up and is sturdy and well constructed. The tent part is made up of netting and cotton pieces- very well sewn. This part actually velcros to the cushion so it maintains the open space inside. Very cool. The three pockets inside are great for storing books or stuffed friends.

I would recommend this tent to anyone. Don’t look any further!

Pacific play tents secret castle twin bed tent review:

My 4 year old just loved it! It is her own special place. I love it because it doesn’t slide off the bed. The poles are made just like tent poles. They are very durable. They are not hollow like the others that use pvc. They wanted me to rate the educational value, I put 5 stars since imagination is important too. I would recommend this for any little girl.

Disney Princess 2010 Wendy House Review:

I bought this for my 4 year old princess fan. She initially complained it was a bit small (she wanted to be able to fit her whole bed in it!) but has thoroughly enjoyed herself in the garden with it. It’s not an amazing product, it is what it is, simple, value for money, easy to set up