You Did It! Adam Lambert Raises $1,000,000 Donated for Charity!

The Adam Lambert Peace Pendant has raised over $40,000 for The Trevor Project! This adds to the total amount Adam's fans have contributed to various charities that Adam supports to $1,000,000! Check out this video below of Tim Foster, the designer of The Adam Lambert Peace Pendant, give a big thank you to every one of Adam's fans!

Pennyroyal Studio & Adam Lambert- The Peace Pendant from Tim Foster on Vimeo.

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I know it's past the date, but I was on vacation, & missed this whole damn thing! I would LOVE to HELP by DONATING, & want to buy a pendant,
so would you consider extending this offer????
~Also there's alot of Fans that can't afford this in such a short amount
of time, (like me) but I would've gave up my Vacation instead for a pendant,
THAT'S how much WE LOVE YOU & wanna HELP!!!
~Think @ it???