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noun, often attributive \ˈī-lənd\

Definition of ISLAND

: a tract of land surrounded by water and smaller than a continent
: something resembling an island especially in its isolated or surrounded position: as a : a usually raised area within a thoroughfare, parking lot, or driveway used especially to separate or direct traffic b : a superstructure on the deck of a ship (as an aircraft carrier) c : a kitchen counter that is approachable from all sides
: an isolated group or area; especially : an isolated ethnological group

Examples of ISLAND

  1. He lives on an island in the Caribbean.
  2. <the island of Hawaii is the largest in the Hawaiian archipelago>

Origin of ISLAND

alteration (influenced by Anglo-French isle) of earlier iland, from Middle English, from Old English īgland (akin to Old Norse eyland), from īg island (akin to Old English ēa river, Latin aqua water) + land land
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to ISLAND

Synonyms: isle, islet
Related Words: atoll, barrier reef, cay, coral reef, key
Near Antonyms: continent, main, mainland

Other Geology Terms

anthracite, boulder, cwm, erratic, igneous, intrusive, mesa, sedimentary, silt, swale

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