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When I received my new call sign from OFCOM I just couldn't wait to get on the air so I saved up some money and purchased a second hand Kenwood TM-G707E of another radio amateur on  Ham Radio Deals.com. I couldn’t wait to get home to wire it all into my spare room. I have bought a couple of new bits since then have a look at my pics below.

My shack is located in the spare room in my house it’s tiny! :-) When I first started out I had a little table where I had all my equipment (not that there is a lot) laid out. I was then looking to buy a computer desk but they are quite expensive so I kept my eye out on eBay and managed to find one for £2.20 yes you heard right £2.20 so I was very pleased it was like new and has plenty of space on it. Check out some of my other pages including accessories and if you suffer from interference then check out my ham radio QRM page

My Radio I use is a Kenwood TMG-707E with the DTMF mic that I use for the IRLP and Echo link. When I first got the radio I used the Kenwood 10amp max Power supply but since then I have saved up to get the Palstar PS30 Linear Power supply so that when I get on HF I have the Power supply to cope with the extra power.

**UPDATE** I have now bought a Yaesu FT8900R and it is a fantastic radio and if you want to see my review then please see my Yaesu FT8900 Review page.

I also have the daiwa SWR meter for accurate readings on 2m/70cms and a Mirage dedicated 2 meter Amplifier which has a build in Pre-amp and attenuator.


This pic was taken when I first got my shack sorted out I know it looks very bare but there's time yet.

srw meter

This is my SWR/POWER meter the Daiwa CN-801V 2m/70cms.

px 888

My new adition the PUXING PX-888 Hand portable 2m Radio.


Realsitic pro 2042 scanner


This is my station now BIG improvement!


kenwood tmg707

This is the my main radio I bought this rig second hand for £120 and I absolutely love this little radio it is a dual bander covering 2m/70cms. I have it mounted under my shelf to keep it out of the way so as not to get it knocked about in my shack.  You can see it in my shack by clicking the my station link at the top of this page you can also see a review I have done on this radio by clicking the YouTube link on this page. There are so many different radio’s that you can buy so the choice is very good you don’t have to spent fortunes on buying your first radio as I have said I only paid £120 for mine its about 10 years old but (touch wood) work’s like new!.  You can also buy a detachable face plate for it so if you decide to install this radio in your car you mount the detachable face on your dashboard and have the main unit under your car seat. I am currently looking to buy a new radio that has HF as well as 2m/70cms so that I can put this radio in my car. Plaese take a look at my Kenwood TMG707 Review.

Yaesu FT8900r


This is my new quad band 2m/70cms/6m/10m rig the Yaesu ft 8900r I have just received this yesterday and I have to say I am very impressed so far. It has duel receive and works great! You can see more pics on the pictures menu on the left Check out my Yaesu FT-8900R Review.

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